What fertilizer is good for Dendrobium candidum? Dendrobium bottle seedlings can be planted a week later with some special fertilizer for Dendrobium.Once every six months, this fertilizer is a solid controlled-release fertilizer, which can supply nutrients to seedlings steadily for a long time. Later fertilization management can generally use foliar fertilizer, twice a month, foliar fertilizer use is very small, a gram can generally be mixed with 3 jin of water.Spraying foliar fertilizer could promote the elongation and growth of stems and leaves of Dendrobium officinale. The average fresh weight per plant was significantly higher than that of the control. Dendrobium officinale is usually fertilized two seasons a year, one season is from March to April, which can promote the rooting and germination of Dendrobium officinale.The second season is a winter fertilizer application in November.Fertilizer can be sprayed once or twice a month with fermented sheep dung or rapeseed cake (Dendrobium special fertilizer is also good) and mixed proportionally. Fertilizer should not be used excessively to prevent fertilizer damage.   Prohibited Fertilizer Fertilizing Dendrobium candidum is prohibited from using chemical or biological fertilizers that have not been registered by the state or provincial agricultural departments, and from using unripe organic fertilizers.Municipal garbage, industrial garbage, hospital garbage and feces are strictly prohibited.Dendrobium officinale has strict requirements on matrix and fertilizer. Before planting, the matrix can be used only after disinfection. The strict requirement of fertilizer is one of the important conditions to ensure the yield, quality and income of Dendrobium officinale. The application of organic fertilizer ensures that Dendrobium officinale has no pesticide residues and heavy metal residues, which lays a good foundation for putting safe Dendrobium officinale into the market.

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