What drinks in water to get rid of moisture? Moisture is a kind of exogenous pathogen. If we want to remove it more effectively, we can treat it mainly from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine.The common treatment is to use a variety of traditional Chinese medicine to play a role, so drinking some tea can be dehumidified to achieve a certain conditioning effect. 1Water of job's tears Coix chinensis is a very common coarse grain, which has a very good Spleen- strengthening and dampness-promoting effect. The specific manifestation is that the medicinal value of Coix chinensis is relatively high. It has the functions of spleen-strengthening, dampness-dispelling, water-diversifying, swelling-reducing, heat-clearing and abscess- removing.Therefore, taking some Coix to boil into water and drinking can achieve a good effect of removing moisture in the body.Moreover, it has certain effects on improving human resistance, better protecting human health, lowering blood sugar, antipyretic and sedative.But we must pay attention to the cold nature of coix. If we drink too much, it will not only not be able to protect human health and remove moisture in the body, but also may increase the burden of the kidney, which may lead to the increase of cold in the body.Therefore, we must correctly use the water of Coix seed to remove moisture. 2Ginger and jujube tea Ginger and jujube are both warm but edible materials. Moreover, ginger has a good effect of dispelling cold and warming stomach, and jujube has a good function of Invigorating Qi and blood.Therefore, drinking ginger and jujube tea can achieve a good removal of cold and humidity in the human body, so as to better help people strengthen their constitution and improve the problem of excessive moisture in the body.Ginger and jujube tea is a very common health tea for women. 3Watermelon skin soaking Wax gourd is a very common food, and wax gourd has a very good diuretic and dehumidifying effect, which is a common sense, I believe everyone knows something about it.After drying and storage, the dehumidification effect of the wax gourd peel is more obvious.So you can usually buy some dried wax gourd peel to soak in water to drink in Chinese herbal medicine stores, which can play a very good role in removing dampness.

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