What can people of different constitutions eat to invigorate their Qi What does Yin deficiency constitution person eat to invigorate Qi The common manifestations of Yin deficiency constitution are night sweat, irritability, dry mouth, flushing cheeks, emaciation and so on. This kind of person should start from tonifying Yin. The common tonifying foods in daily life are glutinous rice, sugarcane, tofu, sesame and so on. They vegetables, can fish also food eat can more also fruits be and eaten frequently, and spicy food like onion, ginger and garlic should be eaten less. What does Qi Deficiency Constitution People Eat to Supplement Qi If you are mentally retarded, always tired, easy to catch cold, dizziness, weak resistance, then you are likely to be Qi-deficient constitution, such people need to eat more Qi- invigorating foods, commonly yam, dates, cereals such as glutinous rice, japonica rice, millet, yellow rice, barley and so on can also eat more, these are very good Qi-invigorating food. What does a person with blood deficiency constitution eat to invigorate Qi The main manifestation of blood deficiency is that the face is bloodless and easy to dream, while women show less menstrual blood, light color, and serious amenorrhea.This kind of people should start from the blood tonic. In daily life, they often eat red meat, animal liver, mulberry, black fungus, sea cucumber, pine, litchi and other foods, which have good blood tonic effect. What does a person with Yang deficiency constitution eat to invigorate Qi The so-called Yang deficiency is the lack of Yang Qi in the body, which is manifested by fear of cold, cold hands and feet. If you want to have vigorous Qi and blood, you need to supplement the Yang. People with this constitution need to eat more warm-yang foods, such as mutton, venison, as well as red dates, ginger, leek, cinnamon and so on. They are all good warm- yang foods.Yang Sheng's physique should also be well nourished Yang Sheng physique people, greedy cold fear of heat, easy thirst, like to drink cold drinks, stool fumigation, such people in the diet should pay attention to eat less spicy food, warm food should also eat less, not to drink, can drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, balsam pear and other food can eat more fire. How to invigorate Qi in blood stasis constitution The most common symptom of blood stasis constitution is female dysmenorrhea, so-called incompatible pain, blood and gas stasis in the body, it is easy to appear in some parts of the pain, silt and so on.Such people need to eat some food to remove blood stasis and promote blood circulation, such as black beans, peaches, can drink some wine, can also eat more vinegar, which can play a very good role in promoting blood circulation. What does Qi Depression Constitution Eat to Supplement Qi The depressive journey is mostly caused by long-term bad mood and suspicious personality. Most of these people are lonely, easy to think too much, and easy to get angry. People with this kind of constitution need to eat more food which can help their breath. Common ones are fennel, orange, bergamot, buckwheat and so on. Ham can also help their breath. What do people with phlegm-dampness constitution eat to invigorate their Qi Phlegm-dampness characterized by constitution obesity, susceptibility is to symptoms of phlegm, chest tightness, mental distress and general feeling of malaise. The reasons for phlegm-dampness constitution are mostly due to perennial inactivity, irregular diet and lack of warmth.Such people need to eat some food to remove dampness and phlegm in order to nourish their bodies. Common foods include red beans, red adzuki beans, onions, white lentils, white radishes and so on.

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