What is Confucius'Six Arts? Six arts refer to six skills: ritual, music, shooting, imperial, book and number.Etiquette is etiquette (similar to today's moral education); music is music; archery is the skill of driving a carriage; book refers to calligraphy (writing, literacy, composition); number refers to number, number of breath (the law of using methods), that is, the movement law of restraint of Yin and Yang five elements. Six Arts in Zhou Li are six disciplines of aristocratic education before the Western Zhou Dynasty: etiquette, music, shooting, imperial court, book and number. Among them, etiquette is divided into five rituals (auspicious, vicious, guest, army, Jia); music is divided into six music (Yunmen, Daxian, Dashao, Daxia, Dazhao, Dawu); shooting is divided into five shooting (Baiyao, Shenlian, Zhengzhu, Xiangchi, Jingyi); imperial court has five imperial imperial powers (song and Luan, Shuiqu, Guojunbiao, Dance).There are six books (pictographs, pointers, ideas, phonetics, annotations, fake borrowings) and nine numbers.

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