Ways of sweating Spontaneous sweating It is not because the weather is muggy and sweating drugs and other stimulating factors often sweat called "self-sweating".Self-sweating is often caused by weakness of lung-qi, unstable Wei-yang and leakage of body fluid. Therefore, it is often accompanied by symptoms of yang-qi deficiency such as fatigue, fatigue, shortness of breath and fear of cold.It is common in children with rickets and patients with hyperthyroidism. Night sweat When you fall asleep, you sweat, but when you wake up, you stop sweating.Night sweat is mostly caused by Yin deficiency, Yin deficiency leads to Yang hyperactivity, Yin does not resist yang, body fluid is sweat, so it is often accompanied by five upset fever, insomnia, dry mouth and throat and other symptoms.It is common in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in invasive stage. War sweating That is to say, sweating after trembling is a manifestation of the struggle between good and evil in the process of febrile venereal disease.If the heat recedes after the war sweat and the pulse calms down and the body cools, it means that the evil is gone and the vital energy is restored, which is a good phenomenon.If the limbs are cold and agitated after sweating, it means that the right and evil are invincible, and the right Qi goes down with weakness, it is a critical condition.Wars and sweats are common in the early and middle stages of various infectious diseases. Absolute perspiration It refers to the serious condition, weakness of vital energy, wanting to lose yang, sweating, accompanied by shortness of breath, cold limbs, weak pulse, and sometimes no other dangerous disease. It is the phenomenon that Yang Qi will be extinct, mostly seen in patients with heart failure and collapse. Head perspiration Sweat is limited to the head.Most of them are caused by pathogenic heat of Shangjiao, or stagnant steaming of damp-heat of Zhongjiao, and most of them are Yangming fever and damp- heat.If seen after a serious illness, or elderly asthma and sweating on the forehead, it is mostly deficiency.If the sudden sweating of the forehead at the end of a serious illness, it is a crisis of deficiency of Yin and ascending of Yue, deficiency of Yin can not attach to Yang, and Yin and Jin can escape with Qi.But children often sweat on their heads when they sleep. If there are no other symptoms, it is not a disease. Partial sweating Commonly known as "half-body sweat".It can be seen on the left or right, upper or lower body.All of them are caused by wind-phlegm or rheumatism to block meridians, or improper Ying-wei, or discord between Qi and blood.It is more common in patients with rheumatism or hemiplegia.If the elderly perspire, it may be a sign of stroke. Cold sweat It refers to chills, cold limbs and sweating.Before sweating, there is no fever and thirst, often accompanied by mental depression, pale complexion, loose stool, long urine, slow pulse, pale tongue and other cold symptoms.Most of them are caused by deficiency of Yang and insufficiency of Wei Qi. They can also be caused by fright. In addition, sweating on the palms and palms is often too nervous; sweating on the chest is too thoughtful; sweating on a regular basis is either too obese or too weak; sweating on diabetes is slightly fragrant; sweating on cirrhosis patients has a special liver smell.

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