Types of Construction Cost Plans For construction projects, the preparation of cost plan is a deepening process.At different stages of the process, cost plans with different depths and roles can be divided into three categories according to their roles. I. Competitive Cost Plan Competitive cost plan is the estimated cost plan of construction project bidding and contract signing stage.This kind of cost plan is based on the contract conditions, bidder's instructions, technical specifications, design drawings and bill of quantities in the tender documents, on the explanation of relevant price conditions, combined with investigation, site survey and question answering, and on the basis of the construction enterprise's own standard of material consumption, level, price information and cost indicators, etc., and the expenditure needed to complete the tender work for the enterprise.The total cost is estimated.In the process of bidding and quotation, although efforts have been made to consider ways and measures to reduce costs, they are generally rough. II. Guiding Cost Plan Guiding cost plan is the budgetary cost plan in the stage of selecting project manager, and it is the responsibility cost target of project manager.It is a design budget cost plan based on contract price and according to the standard of enterprise budget quota, and generally determines the total cost target of responsibility. Implementing Cost Plan Implementing cost plan is the construction budget cost plan in the preparatory stage of project construction. It is based on the project implementation plan, takes the implementation of project manager's responsibility goal as the starting point, and adopts the enterprise's construction quota through the preparation of construction budget to form the implementing construction cost plan. These three kinds of cost plans are connected and deepened, which constitute the planning process of the construction cost of the whole project. Among them, competitive cost plan has the nature of cost strategy, which is the basis of commercial tender in construction project bidding stage, and competitive commercial tender is supported by its advanced and reasonable technical tender.Therefore, it establishes the basic framework and level of construction cost.Guiding cost plan and implementing cost plan are both the further development and deepening of strategic cost plan and the tactical arrangement of strategic cost plan.

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