Two Speeches on the Launching Ceremony of Putonghua Publicity Week Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. Chapter 1:     Comrades, teachers and students: Good morning! When the intoxicating golden autumn approached, we ushered in the 18th National Putonghua Publicity Week.Today, we are here to hold a grand gathering and the launching ceremony of "Twitter Week". The theme of this year's Twitter is "Promoting Putonghua and Building the Chinese Dream Together". Putonghua is the common language of the Chinese family. It is a bridge to maintain national unity and promote social development. With this card, we can communicate with the soul and shake hands with civilization. We love our motherland and we love to speak Mandarin, which should be the common aspiration of all our descendants.The accumulation of 5000 years of culture, the inheritance of 5000 years of Chinese language, the great power, the descendants of dragons, and the faces of every Chinese are full of the brilliance of Chinese civilization.It is the duty of every Chinese to learn and speak Mandarin well.With the strength of the motherland, many foreigners have also stepped into the ranks of learning Chinese.Confucius Institutes are springing up all over the world, and Chinese has become Esperanto.Comrades and fellow students, our motherland has such a good language environment; why don't we speak Mandarin?As a descendant of the Yellow Emperor, please speak Putonghua, proud to speak Putonghua.Whether in class, between classes or in interpersonal communication, let every corner of campus and community resound with this beautiful language from time to time. "Speaking Putonghua, writing standard characters" is the quality embodiment of every citizen and even every student in school. "Speaking Chinese Dream in Putonghua, writing Chinese Dream in standard characters, and jointly building Chinese Dream in language and writing".Therefore, comrades and students should have a sense of responsibility for speaking Mandarin well.Hengdong County has a particularly important responsibility to meet the acceptance of provincial language and writing. Today, we are here to hold the launching ceremony of the county's Tweeting Week.Keep in mind that "Putonghua is with quality, with image, and with the theme of ideological report and civilization."Putonghua is the first card of a person's quality.When you speak, you also show your knowledge, civilization and personality charm. During this year's Publicity Week, the county has arranged a series of publicity activities with various forms and rich contents.We hope that the general public, especially the teachers and students of the whole county, will actively participate in and devote themselves to Typhoon Week, treat Typhoon as an important work of the whole county, earnestly study the criteria for standardizing the use of words, further study the knowledge of words, and strive to cultivate the feeling of loving the motherland's language in practice, improve the language literacy and foster the spirit of cooperation.Finally, I wish the flowers of Typhoon will blossom in every corner of the county. Thank you! Chapter two: Dear teachers and classmates: Hello everyone!I'm Wang XX from Class 6 (2).Today, the topic of my speech under the national flag is: Speak Mandarin, please. The wheel of history rolls forward, with the great strides of social development.The world has become smaller, but people's communication space has become larger, everyone needs to deal with people from all over the world.Language is the best way to communicate. Putonghua is the national language. If you use Putonghua more, you can make friends. Do you know Mandarin? Putonghua is based on Beijing pronunciation, northern dialect and modern vernacular works as grammatical norms.Every year, the third week of September holds the national Putonghua Publicity Week. Putonghua is now one of the six working languages of the United Nations.It has become a popular language for foreigners to learn. It is no longer just a need for communication. It also represents the growing strength of the Chinese nation.Looking at the yellow-skinned and black-haired Chinese people under the pyramid, in Versailles Palace, along the Rhine River, speaking standard Mandarin, those voices seem to beat with our blood.We are sending out the Shenzhou sound, surging is the Chinese love

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