19 Encouragement Story Sharing for Graduate Entrance Examination Destiny is nothing more than the bored comfort of losers, but the scorn of cowards.People's future can only be determined by their own will and efforts. 1Yes, I failed. 19Since the postgraduate entrance examination, the results of most students have been settled.After experiencing a series of painful experiences, such as scoring, dividing lines and adjusting, I have almost determined my results: I failed in the exam.Now, looking back on the struggle course of more than a year, I feel very sad that I failed to achieve the success of the postgraduate entrance examination, but in this examination, I found out the other truth of life. 2Adjustment - repeated attacks of hope and disappointment In this Postgraduate exam, I took the International Business Master of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade with a total score of 359, which is more than 10 points higher than last year's score.However, who can imagine this year's immortal situation, our professional score has gone up by 30 points, even the national line has gone up by 15 points.A few days after I got my grades, I had already determined the fact that I had no chance to retest this year through comparing with my classmates in the Graduate Entrance Examination Group and the preliminary statistics of the Graduate Entrance Examination Institution.When I was about to decide that I had failed in my postgraduate entrance examination, my sister showed me another way: adjusting.As the poem says: mountains and rivers are doubtful and pathless, while willows are dark and flowers are bright.Suddenly, I felt that I couldn't go to the Trade University, and why I could transfer to an individual school for postgraduate study?So I began a more tormenting process that lasted the whole of March. Having decided on the way to adjust, I went back to school and began to prepare for it.I will not dwell on the hardship of the adjustment. In the whole process, there were hopes and disappointments, which went round and round for the whole March until the afternoon when I thought that the most promising BeiErwai had not given me the notice of the re-examination of the adjustment, the last hope in my heart was completely extinguished. 3That blueprint used to be so beautiful So far, my postgraduate entrance examination process has come to an end.I also began to gradually recognize the reality that I could not go ashore, and began to calm down and review my whole postgraduate entrance examination process from the beginning to the end.My hometown is in Guangxi. Through the college entrance examination, I went to an ordinary non-financial and economic school in Beijing.When I came to the capital from a small place, I thought it was a good leap. So I did not take the postgraduate entrance examination as my goal in my freshman year. My future plan is to work after graduation. But then I met a girl in Beijing at university. The time I spent with her and the days I studied in Beijing began to make me feel that life in Beijing is really much more colorful than my hometown before. What a wonderful thing it would be to live in Beijing with my beloved girl.So I began to want to stay in Beijing for another two years. I wanted to stay in this capital which is so advanced as my hometown for a period of time.At this time, all the realistic factors in my eyes have turned into the paper wall that can be overcome, the problem of household registration and the hardship of drifting north, and I have decided to submit a letter of invitation to them. At this time, I am hesitant and complacent, and want to have a full and vivid fight with the cruel reality between men. Even to say that I have drawn a blueprint for my future plan of living and working in Beijing. In this blueprint, there are my beloved girl, my family's pride in me, and the life I want to live.Such a blueprint has become the most important factor in my decision to take the postgraduate entrance examination, and even become a new goal in my later life.Until I failed in my postgraduate entrance examination, I had to give up this blueprint. 4Give up - I don't seem to see the sun. This kind of abandonment is undoubtedly very painful. Who would like to see the blueprint that he is fully expecting to plan be labeled as impossible to construct?It can be said that the whole winter vacation to March is my darkest period.My girlfriend who took part

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