2017Summary of work in the first half of the year The company has just completed one year. During this year, with the help of leaders and colleagues, the focus of work has been gradually shifted to focus, and the ability of field safety and quality management has been further improved.He is now working in the project Department of Zone D, and the exchange-generating community is the relocation and resettlement project of the village in the high-tech zone.Because of the previous work content mobilization, participated in the supervision work of A, B, C, D, E part of the project, so far, E standard 2 #, 3 # building is close to the main roof, the rest of the high-rise main project more than half, ready for the second masonry project. This period of time in the high-tech supervision such as regular supervision company team constantly improve themselves, enrich their relevant supervision knowledge, supervision management methods and level.Accumulate experience for better supervision work in the future.Now I feel that if we want to be a qualified supervisor, we should continue to improve ourselves from safety, quality, information and other aspects. Safety always ranks first in the construction process, as it did last year, this year and next year.Safety inspection meetings held every Monday are rare in supervision units. Generally, safety routine meetings are organized by the construction units themselves, which leads to the problems being reduced and reduced within the construction units, resulting in a variety of safety problems.However, high-tech supervision participates in weekly safety inspection and inspects potential safety hazards on site from a management perspective.In this way, the potential safety hazards can be eliminated in the bud in time, which greatly reduces the possibility of accidents.In the daily inspection can also be better to find problems, and learn how to do site safety supervision work better with predecessors.Greater understanding is that safety in production should first ensure their own safety and not be harmed by the dangerous sources on site.Only when you ensure your own safety can you better remind others to protect others'safety. Safety is followed by quality, which is an extremely important link in the process of supervision.A supervision service that strictly guarantees the quality can gain the trust of the owner, greatly ensure the next cooperation of the owner, and the quality is also the brand guarantee of an enterprise.At present, as before, we need to strictly control the quality of the main project, check the raw material inspection report and material re-examination report of the field entrance materials to ensure that each material used in the main structure is qualified material; secondly, check the type and spacing of the reinforcement in the main structure according to the drawings, drawings and specifications to ensure the quality of the project.Quantity can meet the use requirements and standards.Similarly, the process control of formwork is also very important. Large steel formwork is widely used in the field. Compared with the quality of concrete forming, it can achieve better results, which will also cause people to have paralysis.During the construction of large steel formwork, the quality of formwork at the entrance of elevator shaft, staircase duct and other tunnels is the most problematic.Because there is no slab in the hole, the template control line can not better restrain the support and reinforcement of the formwork, so every time in the process of acceptance of the wall column formwork, more efforts should be spent to review.Firstly, the verticality of the template should be measured, then the size of the upper opening + 1 should be measured, secondly, the width of the wall should be measured, and finally, the template control line of the single side wall should be checked.Only when these are all guaranteed to be correct, can we pass the acceptance test. In the management process of the project department, the company introduced the supervision office software.In the first half of the year, through the guidance of our predecessors, we have improved the supervision system.As an on-line management software, Supervisor Tong is suitable for the management of various large enterprises, which can improve office efficiency and facilitate the interpersonal relationship within the company.Under the leadership's arrangement, I input th

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