Planning for the preparatory stage of the research project According to the current basic situation of Chinese learning, students have lost good interest and hobbies in Chinese learning, and Chinese learning has become a partial door.Teachers in Chinese teaching feel more and more difficult to please the situation occurs repeatedly, the teacher's inability, the students'absence of mind, "Yan", which ultimately led to the language in today's embarrassing situation.How to change this situation, our team members launched the research topic "Research on the Problems of Associative Thoughts Applied in Chinese Teaching in Senior High Schools", trying to change teaching methods, seek suitable learning methods, find more efficient fit points for teachers'teaching, find more flexible and easy-tooperate methods for students' Chinese learning, and start learning with cultivating Chinese.From the students'interest perspective of in cultivating students'self-confidence in learning Chinese, we can finally form a good situation in which everyone learns Chinese and everyone loves learning Chinese. First, renew ideas and change methods. Our previous teaching basically belonged to the stage of imparting knowledge, especially focusing on "teaching fish to fish". Although we had thought that "teaching fish to fish" was more important, there were few concrete practices, so that students believed that learning Chinese was endorsement, and teachers'teaching was just "filling duck" and "filling duck".In the long run, the teaching and learning of Chinese has caused an embarrassing situation that nowadays everyone does not attach importance to, or even likes it.How to reverse? We must ask our teachers to renew their concepts, change the unreasonable and backward teaching methods, keep pace with the times, find appropriate teaching methods, and improve teaching efficiency.Students should also constantly explore their own learning methods. Especially in today's increasingly era emphasize when the the nation importance and of nation inheriting traditional national culture, it is particularly important to learn Chinese well and master the tools of inheriting national culture.With this awareness, with the understanding of this concept, and then change the method, the use of suitable associations between teachers and students to carry out language teaching and learning, I believe that it will achieve twice the result with half the effort. II. Working objectives: According to the actual needs of the research, we should learn the relevant concepts and knowledge, grasp the research methods to be used, collect the opinions from all sides in the preparation stage of the research, and formulate a good plan. Relevant rules and regulations for the development of the subject.Arrange the tasks that the students ask to do and the tasks that the teachers need to prepare.Drawing lessons from previous research experience, collecting the tools and means needed for research, coordinating the relationship among members and participating departments, and making full preparations for the perfect start of the project. 3. Focus of work: At this stage, the focus of the work is that students recognize interest what and associations are self-confidence and cultivate their in learning through associations, so as to preliminarily change the difficulties faced by language learning. IV. Specific work schedule: 1To collect data and do a good job in setting up a project; 2To formulate the implementation plan of the subject; 3Complete the opening report of the subject; 4To coordinate the work between teachers and students and hold preliminary meetings on topics; 5Let the students do all the work they need to cooperate with, and make full preparations for the smooth development. 6To give the students a preliminary impression in the first stage of the demonstration course. 7To coordinate the arrangements of all parties so as to lay a solid foundation for the better implementation of the second stage. Project Implementation Phase Plan The subject has been on the right track. Every work has been carried out in an orderly manner. Students have also received the preliminary effect of association. Teachers have also infiltrated Association in teaching.Lenovo's prospects also show its prospects and dawn.However, we still have to take steps one by one to

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