Three Model Papers on Training Work Summary Summary of the training work: On November 20, 20xx, the County Health Bureau invited Professor Cui Yang-yi of Jishan County Psychiatric Hospital of Yuncheng City to come to our county to conduct the "Psychiatric Management Skills Knowledge Training" for the personnel in charge of public health service projects in all townships and townships and public health service project personnel in village health centers.Professor Yang Yi's lecture made me feel deeply. This is the second time that I have received knowledge training on mental illness since I participated in my work. The contents mentioned are: institutional system, how to find patients, cognitive process, how to standardize diagnosis, diagnostic attention content, report after diagnosis, incorporation into management, follow-up process and follow-up norms, medication guidance, accident report, etc.Understanding the importance of psychiatric management, as a grass-roots public health officer how to standardize the service for mental patients.In order to do a good job in the management of severe mental illness in our township, after the meeting, according to the spiritual requirements of the county bureau, on December 23, the head of the township village health centers organized the training of severe mental illness management and the lecture on knowledge of severe mental illness.The training is presided over by the president and sponsored by the public health department. The trainers include all the staff of the public health department and the public health leaders of the rural health institutes.In view of the fact that the staff of township health centers and rural doctors are front-line medical and health workers in rural areas, especially rural doctors, with special groups and great responsibilities, our hospital has carefully arranged the training content, and organized relevant staff to conduct targeted training for rural doctors in combination with the training content.The day before the training, the head of the village health center was informed to attend the meeting, and the training agenda was arranged. The explanation was given by the vice-president of public health: Li Haiying explained the Discovery and Diagnosis of Severe Psychiatric Diseases. The public health official: Jia Yunfei explained the Follow-up and Guidance of Severe Psychiatric Diseases, and the head of Wanquan Village Health Center: Jia Zhemin explained the Standardized Drug Use of Psychiatric Diseases.At the end of the training, the public health department drafted the questions, and everybody took the exams together. The answer lies in the training content. Those who can't do the questions can find their own training notes. The purpose is not to make the scores high or low, but to enable everyone to clarify the management norms and contents of mental illness.Through training: 1. To further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of the hospital staff and all rural doctors, people have expressed their recognition of the importance and practical significance of doing their work well.2. Improve the awareness rate of public health service project managers to the knowledge of severe mental illness and improve the professional level of rural doctors.Training is the most urgently needed and practical activity for rural doctors, and all the people who participated in the training generally feel that they have gained a lot.3. Promote the communication between rural doctors.Through the training, not only the communication platform between the public health management of township health centers and that of village health centers has been set up, but also the opportunity of communication has been created for village doctors in various villages.4. We have accumulated experience for further training rural doctors. Training lectures are also an exercise for us, which not only improves our language expression ability, but also greatly improves our professional skills.In a word, through this training, the public health officers have basically mastered the relevant knowledge of severe mental illness? Further standardized the management of severe mental illness in our hospital. Everyone has expressed that this training is the simplest and easiest to accept and can be trained by the director. Everyone can make answers without looking up notes when they are doing the test papers. This effect makes me conclude that No.In doing everything, as l

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