Different from noodles in the north, Hakka rice flour in the south is more moist. It is made of rice, millet, wheat, corn and Yimi. It is very warm, easy to digest and absorb, and popular with diners.So where can Shanxi join it? There are many fish meal franchisees in Shanxi. Almost every region has such franchisees. You can taste the delicious food in the shop first. If you feel that there are many customers in the shop and the taste is good, you can consult the shop in detail. You can also carefully pay attention to whether there is a franchisee's phone or online search franchisee's phone for consultation. The fish meal is healthy, nutritious and reasonable in meat and vegetable, which is favored by consumers.At present, the domestic fish meal industry is just in its infancy, and many places are in a rare state. In the future, this project will spread all over the streets of China like braised chicken, rice and Chongqing noodles. Because of its simple production, high efficiency and low investment threshold, there are many franchised businesses in Shanxi. It doesn't need large-scale equipment and kitchen, so it is a good choice for young people to start a business. Its brand franchising fee is low, so it can enjoy brand authorization and brand support services. Its early investment in the store is relatively low, plus store leasing,Decoration, table and chair allocation, materials and publicity, which can be estimated in detail according to the local conditions. The brand of Wugu fishmeal is strong and has its own ingredients storage base and logistics distribution center, The above is a simple sharing for you today. I hope it can help you, and thank you for your attention and support! Join in has risk, investment needs to be cautious!

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