This schedule, so that children's summer vacation is not wasted a day! ____________ - stick!All grades are applicable, quick look! It's very important to have a plan for summer vacation. First, to cultivate good habits of children. Second, children can plan their own time to learn something and do something interesting. Third, parents will take their children with ease. Here is a summer plan for children. Parents can print a copy for their children. Summer heat, hot sun... The hot and muggy mode has begun. It's been a rainy day again. At this time, from the heart of the cry: "Give me a dozen things to cool down in the summer!" But here, Mom and Dad of Mengbao people, You are lucky! Because it's your annual thriller cooling blockbuster. Summer vacation is coming!》 Coming on soon, Dear Moms and Dads, Have you felt the cold wind on your back? Sixty days, two months A chicken in the left hand and a duck in the right. Now, there's one Perfect Summer Vacation Plan Please accept this practical strategy. 1. Make plans according to your actual situation. When making a summer vacation plan, we must take into account the actual situation of our children. 01. Make children's summer vacation advantages plan and according to disadvantages.Before making a plan, have an assessment of the child to see what growth advantages he has and what growth goals he hopes to achieve during the summer vacation. 02. Communicate with the teacher and listen to the teacher's advice.For the advantages and disadvantages of children's learning, sometimes we can ask the children's teachers for in-depth understanding. Before making plans, we can ask the teachers what can be done better. For the teachers'reasonable suggestions, we can take into account the children's summer vacation plans. 03. Hold family meetings to discuss summer vacation plans.In life, parents are the ones who know their children best. Therefore, when making summer vacation plans, we can discuss revisions together. Parents'participation can help children get more accurate and accurate opinions. 04. Children make their own wish list.After the family meeting and the evaluation of the child, parents should first let the child make a wish list and write out all the things he wants to do during the summer vacation. 05. Recommend summer plan template.When the children's wishes are listed separately, the parents make reasonable allocation and arrangement while respecting the children's wishes, and help the children to make the forms and print them out so that they can carry them with them. Following is a template for parents to refer to, a table for summer vacation, by category planning, supervision by day, the time sequence is completely planned by the children themselves. Summer Learning and Life Plan S er ia l n u m b er O n T w T hr F o u r Fi v Si x S e Ei g Ni n T e El e T w T hi Completion evaluation ( ty p e Specific Planning Arrangements Planne d time Ti m re ci R e In te re st c ul ti v at io n Get up at 6:45 a.m., take a nap and go Recite a poem every day Read an excellent article for pupils at Daily Pr a S u Pr a di ar In te Li st O ut p h H o Practice 5 words every day (the Do 2-3 pages a day Sign up for calligraphy classes according to your preferences 1) Practice 5 words every day (structure A diary of about 100 words a day (pay Read 5 extracurricular books you Through listening to stories in radio, Open up your horizon and Freedom and initiative Freedom and initiative 30Min ute 15Min ute 7Mont h 30Min ute 40Min ute 30Min ute 30Min ute Every Monda 1 times Estima ted 160 minute Daily 77 June 78 June R e m ar k s 1If the task of the day is not completed in time, we should use free time to make up for it.2. If the tasks of the day are completed ahead of schedule, they can move freely ahead of time.3. Summarize once a week. Material encouragement (toys, computers, games, etc.) will be given if you finish well. (The content can be changed according to the actual situation.   II. Some Suggestions on Summer Vacation Planning During the summer vacation of more than two months, we no longer follow the schedule of taking classes and learning as the main part every day, which is a great opportunity for us to develop ourselves in an all-round way.Therefore, when making a summer vacation plan, we should try to consider the diversity of the content and arrang

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