These placements may affect delivery plans. Pregnancy attention Breech "If the baby keeps the buttock position all the time, will it affect the pain and delivery?Can I try vaginal delivery? Whether you can use vaginal delivery depends on many factors, including the doctor's strategy and your situation. In many hospitals, cesarean section is used directly for pregnant women with buttock pregnancy (only 0.5% of buttock babies can pass vaginal delivery smoothly), because a large number of experiments have proved that cesarean section is much safer. However, some doctors and midwives feel that it is reasonable to try vaginal delivery in some cases, such as having a clear single hip position, while the pregnant woman's pelvis has enough space for her baby to pass through. If your baby is still in hip position, remember to be flexible with delivery plans. Even if the doctor allows you to try vaginal delivery, if the cervix is opened too slowly, the baby does not enter the birth canal or has other problems, it should be temporarily changed to cesarean section.Now talk to your doctor about alternative plans to deal with problems in childbirth. Other abnormal fetal positions "What does the doctor mean by telling me that the baby is in an oblique position?What does it mean for childbirth? Babies may have abnormal fetal positions when they move, and oblique position is one of them. Oblique position refers to the baby's head pointing to your buttocks, but not to the cervix, which makes it difficult for the baby to deliver from the vagina. Doctors usually perform external inversion.Otherwise, you may have a cesarean section. Another abnormal fetal position is the transverse position.At this time, the baby did not stay in the normal vertical position, but lie on the side, across the uterus. You can also try reversing the placement by external rotation.If it is still ineffective, a cesarean section may be required.

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