The Work Plan of Teacher in charge of Senior Three in the First semester This article is collected from the network and uploaded to the platform to help more people. If you need to use this document, please click the download button to download this document (paid download). In addition, I wish you a happy life, smooth work and all the best! The Work Plan of Teacher in charge of Senior Three in the First semester An Indian philosopher once said, "If you sow a belief, you will reap an action; if you sow an action, you will reap a habit; if you sow a habit, you will reap a character; if you sow a personality, you will reap a destiny."This sentence not only expresses the essentials of teachers'education, but also concisely expresses a truth of being a man.Combining with the specific situation of my senior three (6) class, this proverb has become the direction of my education work in this semester.Now there are 270 days to go before the college entrance examination.There are 54 students in the whole class (25 boys and 29 girls). The students in the class have a poor overall foundation, lagging mood.The task behind of and unstable college entrance examination is heavy.How to overcome the disadvantageous factors and help the students to do a good job in studying and preparing for the exam in Senior Three requires a lot of work. The present rough plan is as follows: I. Guiding Ideas: Under the leadership of the school, we should focus on highlighting the main body of students, strengthen ideological education, moral education, legal education, mental health education, responsibility and education, ideal education improve students'self-education ability and selfmanagement ability, cultivate students' sound personality, strive for enterprising spirit, and strive for ideal results in the college entrance examination. II. Major Work     1.We should do a good job in Ideological Education for prepare for students, psychological, guide ideological, physical them to intellectual, and technical examinations, stabilize their emotions, meet challenges in a good mental state, and seize opportunities for major choices in life.    2.Carefully attend class meetings.The use of various forms of class meetings to ideological education of students, mobilize students'enthusiasm cultivate students' for learning, good character, self-cultivation and so on.Particularly good first week class meeting, to help students build up confidence to win in the college entrance examination students.Arrange some for senior three thematic class meetings in a planned way to improve the quality of each class meeting.     3.The shift cadres should take turns on duty and be responsible for their work, attendance and self-study discipline should be strictly controlled.Cooperate with the activities of the school, and persevere in the education of students'daily behavior norms.We should go into the dormitories of students from time to time, cooperate with the dormitory management team to do a good job in the management of boarders, inspect the situation of off-campus boarders from time to time, find out the problems and solve them in time, so as to create a good rest environment for students.     4.We will strive for the strong support of teachers in all disciplines and do a good job in training excellent students and turning into poor ones.It is necessary to determine the training objectives of the excellent students and the transformation objectives of the poor students.     5.Communicate with parents.Strict leave system should awareness be should established, be established, safety and parents should be contacted in time when special circumstances arise.     should 6.We organize the students'union examination and other work, organize the students' files and materials, and be responsible to the students. Weekly working arrangements     1 。 Senior three students learn to mobilize; adjust seats; arrange classroom propaganda slogans, blackboard newspapers.My Future is not a Dream--Talking about the Ideal of College Entrance Examination     2 。 For the September exam, the paper analysis is carried out.     3 。 Help students to find out the leaks and fill in the "September Examination" and analyze their gains and losses, so as to build up confidence.     4 。 Conduct regular education for students, start w

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