Work plan of head teacher for the first semester of senior one in Zheng'an No.8 Middle School from 2018 to 2019 Senior One (6) Class Youxinren "The canal must be so clear that only the source of living water comes."Zheng'an No. 8 Middle School ushered in a new generation of high school students this year, injecting fresh water into the campus of No. 8 Middle School, and bringing new expectations and journeys to the No. 8 Middle School tomorrow.As a new teacher, I can be appreciated and used by the school leaders. I am honored to be the head teacher of the class in Grade 6 of Senior High School. I also know the importance of responsibility.Therefore, in the process of guiding the first grade (6) class in senior high school, it is necessary to formulate a more detailed work plan for the head teacher.I believe that under the leadership of the school and the joint efforts of the teachers, not only can the normal teaching order be orderly, but also can ensure that every student can carry out their study life smoothly, so that they can form good learning habits and promote their healthy and happy growth in the new campus environment. 1. Guiding Ideas: To implement the Party's educational policy in an all-round way, aiming at cultivating students'all-round development and improving their comprehensive quality; to take advantage of the implementation of the new national curriculum reform as an opportunity to cultivate students' self-organization and management ability as the students'healthy basic way; growth and to promote personality formation by means of family-school cooperation and family-school co-cultivation. According to the school motto of Zunxian and encouraging learning, the combination of knowledge and practice, and the advanced educational concept of successful education, the starting point is to cultivate students'good moral character and behavior habits; comprehensively promote the implementation of our school's educational strategy of cultural education and activity education, and deepen the educational traditions and concepts of "three bends" and "two hundred" into students' conscious areas, and internalize them in the daily life of students'growth.Behavior.Let the students practice the school spirit of safeguarding civilization, establish a good class atmosphere, create a highquality learning and living environment, and let each student go to success. II. Basic Situation of Classes and Expected Objectives There are 54 students in the class, including 25 boys and 29 girls. The boys and girls are relatively balanced.After five days of military training, most of the students have changed some bad habits formed in summer vacation life, and have a higher sense of discipline and discipline.There is no violation of school rules and regulations, late and early retirement has not occurred, and continuous follow-up performance needs to be observed.Despite good discipline, students'inactive classroom atmosphere, poor cooperation with enthusiasm are teachers the main and low problems.In classroom addition, classmates are new faces, not familiar with each other, lack of class cohesion.Generally speaking, the style of study in class needs to be constructed and strengthened. In this semester, my students'self-learning goal and is to arouse self-management abilities, unite teachers in all subjects, and form close communication with parents to care about and educate every student in the class, so as to cultivate students' interest in learning, thereby improving students'learning enthusiasm and forming a good learning atmosphere; through strengthening the regular construction of the class, to create a good learning atmosphere.And foster a positive and upward style of study, to achieve excellent class collective. III. Specific measures 1Fully grasp the particularity of the students in Grade One of Senior High School Senior one students graduated from junior high school on vacation. Their long-term comfortable and comfortable life made them form some bad habits, and suddenly faced with a tense high school learning life.They need to change their thinking and learning habits.Therefore, understanding several changes in this stage is a prerequisite for the effective work of head teachers.In this stage, the environment changes greatly and the students are unstable.Students have to face ne

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