The Work Plan of Class 1 Teacher in New Junior High School This article is collected from the network and uploaded to the platform to help more people. If you need to use this document, please click the download button to download this document (paid download). In addition, I wish you a happy life, smooth work and all the best! As the head teacher of the freshmen in junior middle school, they must bear a lot of pressure. The seventh grade freshmen have just stepped into junior middle school from primary school. Everything they come into contact with is new. They must be guided by the head teacher so that the students can better adapt to the new life.Below is the new junior high school head teacher's work plan that Xiaobian carefully brought to you. Welcome to read.More information about the work plan of the first class teacher in the new junior middle school, please pay attention to the work plan column! The work plan of the first class teacher in the new junior middle school [1] In order to better implement and implement the relevant school plans in the classes, form a good educational environment, establish a good class atmosphere and style of study, and improve the physical and mental quality of students, a work plan for junior middle school head teachers in this semester is formulated. I. Guiding Ideas In order to improve students'moral quality, cultural quality and physical and mental quality, and take all activities carried out by the school as an opportunity, we should implement the scientific development concept of "people-oriented", proceed from the school work plan and students' ideological reality, do a good job in class management, aiming at improving students'moral quality, cultural quality and physical and mental quality, and establish a good class atmosphere and style of study.Enhancing class cohesion is the main task, and striving to complete the tasks assigned to them by the school is the development of the whole class in moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, labor and other aspects. II. Working objectives:     1According to the work requirements of the Moral Education Department, we should strengthen the education of Shude Lipin and the training of students'independent, exploratory, cooperative and innovative learning methods proposed by the Education and Education Administration Department, and strive to cultivate students into sunshine teenagers with soul and spirit.     2According to the psychological and physiological characteristics of junior high school students, we should strengthen students'mental health education and improve the counseling. level of mental health     3Strengthen the guidance of learning methods, ability cultivate and independent anti-frustration learning ability, and overcome students'learning-weariness. III. Working Measures     1Words and deeds should be taught in good faith. Speech is the basic way of self-teaching, and self-teaching is an effective means of selfteaching.In our ears, we can often hear such words as "Teachers themselves can not do it, but also ask me to do it!" It can be seen that our words and deeds have a great impact on students.So when we ask students to do it, we should do it ourselves first.Use our sincerity to arouse students'ideological resonance.Of course, as head teachers, we should constantly strengthen self-cultivation, constantly absorb new knowledge, expand the scope of knowledge, pay attention to the formation of their good moral character, set an example, treat equally, convince students, enhance their affinity, and make their nonpower impact lasting and far-reaching.   2Respect and care for students.    Love is the main theme of education.Teaching and educating people is the teacher's duty, and educating people should be the first duty of the head teacher.Love students, respect students'personality, interests and hobbies, understand students' habits and their attitudes and ways of dealing with people, and then prescribe appropriate remedies to help students establish a sound and perfect personality. Personal dignity is equal.Efforts to be able to like a true friend, attach importance to and appreciate students, learn students'opinions, to listen accept to their feelings, tolerance of their shortcomings, and share their joy.Being respected is the need of students'heart. In the work of the schedule, we can turn our

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