The Teaching Plan of Morality and Rule of Law in Primary Schools Guidance:The teaching plan of "Morality and Rule of Law" in primary school is for reference only. If it can help you, you are welcome to comment and share. The course "Morality and Rule of Law" is designed to make morality exist in children's hearts and make the principle of rule of law understood and observed by children.Below is the "Primary School Morality and Rule of Law" teaching plan, welcome to read.Teaching plan 1 and guiding ideology 1 of "Morality and Rule of Law" in primary schools. Guided by "Curriculum Standards of Morality and Rule of Law", morality exists in children's hearts, the principle of rule of law is understood and abided by by by by children, and children are guided to love life, learn to behave, understand and abide by the law, consciously abide by various rules and regulations and social rules, and cultivate good moral character and behavior habits and be happy with them.Children who explore and love life.2. According to the work arrangement of the XX district and the actual situation of the school, this semester will carry out the routine work of Ideological and moral discipline as before, improve the teaching efficiency, and intensify the scientific research of the discipline, leading the discipline construction with the socialist core values.2. Tasks and objectives 1. Correct ideas, strengthen understanding, establish new educational concepts, establish harmonious teacher-student relationship, innovate teaching process, optimize classroom structure and improve the quality of teaching.2. Teachers take the "Curriculum Standards" as the criterion and take the current teaching materials as the basis to complete the teaching tasks and contents of each grade.3. Develop students'good behavior habits, and standardize students by the examples and principles in the textbooks.Can contact the surrounding, improve students'moral awareness.4. Cooperate with the school teaching office and other teaching and research work, and do a good job of the teaching and research group.5. Strengthen the training of teachers'professional quality and ability.Make a thorough study of this semester's topic.3. Specific work requirements (1) Training team 1. Grasp the backbone strength and create a research atmosphere.On the basis of continuing to organize research groups, teachers can not only fully reflect their own existence value, but also become the leader of education and teaching reform in the process of serious research.By giving full play to the leading role of backbone teachers, we can promote the atmosphere of teaching and research in the whole school through dots, strips, lines and surfaces.2. Form an atmosphere of teaching and research. (1) Actively carry out the activities of listening to and evaluating lessons, encourage teachers to pay attention to the application of information technology in teaching, and combine with the actual situation of our school, carry out colorful in- class and extracurricular extension activities, so as to improve the effectiveness of education and teaching.(2) Teachers are encouraged to actively participate in the construction of campus network, actively provide ideological products, social, moral and social information, and make full use of modern technology for online learning and communication.(3) Attaching importance to the study of listening to classes breaks the boundaries of the subject and can not regard the new curriculum as the subject curriculum as the traditional ideological and moral course. Teachers should learn the color image in art class, the statistical methods in mathematics class, the experimental comparison method in common sense class, the task-driven mode in English class and so on, so as to make the moral education more vigorous.(2) Grasp the management 1. Preparing lessons in order to change the way teachers prepare lessons, improve the quality of preparing lessons and teaching efficiency.Each grade can select several key texts for collective lesson preparation according to the characteristics of grade and moral education in schools.The preparation of lessons strives to embody the students'subjectivity, and the emphasis in the teaching plan is on teachers' teaching and students'learning.Young teachers should also pay attention to the reflection of the teaching process, and be able to timely wr

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