Mid-Autumn Festival is related to agriculture Autumn is the harvest season. August is the middle month of autumn, and the 15th day is the middle day of August. In order to celebrate the harvest, farmers choose this day as a festival. Don't forget, there was no industry in ancient times. Almost everyone is a farmer. Peasants are happy, that is, the whole country is happy! Bumper harvest! Let's hey! Must! From the Song Dynasty, the ancients had the custom of eating moon cakes while enjoying the moon. The moon is round, so do the Chinese. The circle symbolizes family reunion and happiness. Mooncakes are indispensable to MidAutumn Festival. Holiday ~I'm going out to play! Since 2008, the Mid-Autumn Festival has been listed as a statutory holiday in mainland China, which is why we have a holiday on Thursday. rs: Korea and Japan, any festivals just like China. Koreans also celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Have you eaten moon cakes? Dioctahedr al smectite. Finally, II wish wish teachers teachers and and students: students: Finally, The whole whole family, family, The happy! happy!

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