The latest work plan of head teacher Guidance:The latest work plan of the head teacher in this article is for reference only. If you can help, you are welcome to comment and share. 1. Class Profile: This semester the number of students in the class is 39, of which one transfers to three, two more than last semester.Most of the students are ideologically advanced and can respect their teachers. Because of the characteristics of their years, they can not restrain themselves and lack a sense of responsibility.Among them, boys are not enthusiastic enough in answering questions, so they should continue to strengthen their practice and cultivate their self-confidence.Most students can distinguish right from wrong, but some students are more delicate and capricious.Failure to recognize or unwilling to correct mistakes.2. Central Work This semester, the focus of the work of the class has four points.First, pay attention to learning, so that every student can lay a good foundation.Secondly, we should pay attention to virtue education (including beauty of appearance, language and behavior) and form good habits.Thirdly, we should love our motherland, our hometown and science education.Fourthly, we should pay attention to the education of students'daily behavior norms.Combining with relevant festivals and school plans to run wall newspapers.3. Educational contents and measures 1. Stabilize students'emotions and enable them to begin to accept knowledge instillation scientifically.Grasp Classroom Discipline and Guarantee Classroom

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