Bank Warning Educational Learning • Text can be copied to documents in various doc formats • Welcome to download • Use directly if necessar y Warning Educational Experiences For reference only, learning can be used directly if necessary. As we all know, banking is a special industry, dealing with money all day, so we will face all kinds of temptations in practical work.The so-called "overturn of the front car, lessons from the back car" has seen real examples in the video. I believe that many people's hearts have sounded the alarm bell.In this way, how to avoid these temptations to bring about crime has become a compulsory course for every Bank of China employee.To reduce the occurrence of financial crimes, we have a long way to go. In the case, they are well-off because of their rich income and rich life. They are all stuck in a dilemma because of their distorted outlook on life and values, unable to withstand the temptation of money, unable to extricate themselves by indulging in speculation in stocks, losing their senses because of their infatuation with women, or being deceived by "friends" because of their idea of overnight wealth, and seeing the law as a children's play and a dare to walk away.Risk, eventually die at home, to the family, parents, wives, children, brothers and sisters bring shame and lingering pain.Facts show that once greed is inflated and desire for profit is fumigated, people will lose their ideals and beliefs and defeat the war in front of money; once they pursue fame and gain fame, they will lead to quick success and instant benefit, which will hinder the development of their career; once they rely on their power to belittle the law and take chances, they will violate the law and be punished, and eventually become criminals of the people. As an employee of Bank of China, he should not only possess certain professional knowledge and ability, but also have a sense of "awe" for the law. He should not only understand the law, but also abide by it.In our daily work, on the one hand, we must start from eliminating every detail error and mistake in our work, "Do not let the evil be small, do not tolerate the small mistake", and run the concept of compliance according to law through every post, every employee and every work.On the other hand, we must adhere to the "compliance premise" and regard compliance as the premise of all business operations, internal control and innovation development, so that the "compliance spirit" can penetrate into every link of business management and become an important part of bank corporate culture. "No rules, no square circle".Law is the "minimum rule" that we should abide by.It is not enough to know the law and understand the law. Only by "revering the law and revering the law" can we "always walk by the river and not wet shoes".Of course, the highest realm is the "spirit of rule of law" based on law-abiding and the "spirit of compliance" based on compliance. In our future work, we should strictly implement: 1. Strictly abide by professional ethics, strictly require oneself in work, abide by rules and regulations, act according to rules, correct words and deeds, conscientiously perform post duties, and improve one's awareness of compliance management and system execution.Always have a sense of self-discipline, practice professional ethics, and think about the harm of greed. Always remind yourself that we should strictly enforce the prohibitive provisions of various occupations, guard against the risk of cases and strive to be excellent employees. 2. Establish correct world outlook, outlook on life and values.We should abide by the law, abide by the bottom line of morality, not cross the red line of discipline, consciously resist all kinds of decadent temptations and confusions, maintain a balanced mentality, be content with happiness in reputation, position, remuneration, personal interests and other aspects, work hard and adhere to "healthy life, happy work". 3. Strengthen learning, constantly improve their own cultural accomplishment and moral sentiment, and arm themselves with knowledge. Only when knowledge is enriched, vision is broadened and realm is noble, can we correctly judge falsehood, ugliness, truth, goodness and beauty, see problems more thoroughly, and enhance self-protection consciousness. In future work, I will always keep in mind our rules and regulations, maintain a high degree of vigilance, so that their career has a perfect ending.Chapter 3:

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