Teaching plan 1. Class situation analysis: There are 39 students in class 5 (2), 20 boys and 19 girls.Student learning, the whole class learning atmosphere is relatively dull, although most students can discipline in class, but many students pay less attention in class, students'basic knowledge of Chinese is poor.In terms of knowledge, most students can grasp the basic part more firmly, but reading and writing are very weak.In the aspect of reading, some students'exercises and essays are not up to the number at all. They don't know how to combine the two and think while reading, which leads to the phenomenon that they can't understand the article and can't grasp the thoughts and feelings of the article.In terms of composition, some students write things that are empty, lack of readability and poor aesthetic sense; even some students can not write basic sentences smoothly.This semester will still focus on cultivating students'learning habits, strengthening reading and composition exercises, improving students' comprehensive ability, and striving to improve the quality of teaching to a new level. 2. Measures to improve teaching quality: 1Strengthen the teaching of reading.We should conscientiously cultivate students'reading interest and habit. On the basis of understanding the content of the text, we should focus on text training and cultivate the ability to summarize the main content and the central idea of the text.In teaching, we should strengthen practice around key training items.At the same time, efforts should be made to focus on teaching students how to learn, using each textbook as an example, changing the "textbook" into "using textbook", paying attention to strengthening learning methods, and paying attention to the training of literacy, words and sentences in reading teaching, and practicing and commenting on reading topics.Special attention should be paid to the training of reading aloud so as to improve students'language perception ability. 2Attention should be paid to oral communication training.The tasks of speaking class are to train oral expression ability, learn Putonghua, attach importance to creating oral communication situation, arouse students'interest in listening and speaking, encourage them to think more, pay attention to praise and protect their enthusiasm.At the same time, we should attach importance to the training of oral communication in reading teaching. 3Attention should be paid to the guidance of extracurricular reading.We should adhere to the train of thought of "one area, three areas", adhere to the accumulation of recitation of poems and good sentences every day, guide students to read self-reading textbooks conscientiously, reflect "laying the foundation in class, seeking development after class", guide students to learn to use the reading methods learned in class for extracurricular reading, improve the interest and quality of reading, and help solve the difficulties and problems in reading.Establish a class library, organize students to carry out lively and interesting extracurricular reading activities, and do a good job of extracurricular reading abstracts and daily recitation of good words and sentences competition. 4Attention should be paid to grasping the key points of teaching and breaking through the difficulties in teaching.This semester's teaching focus is to learn to summarize the main content of the article, understand the central idea of the article, and narrate a specific event around the center.The unequal use of force in the teaching of each text. 5Make use of the advantages of resources to carry out open teaching.Open teaching content, select famous books suitable for students to read; open classroom teaching, let students learn Chinese naturally; reform language evaluation, pay attention to students'learning methods and processes, emotional attitudes and values, pay attention to the cultivation and improvement of language practice ability. 6Attention should be paid to the cultivation of students'autonomous learning spirit and good study habits.In the assignment of homework, students are also given the choice of homework.For example, in copying words, the number of words should be stipulated, if the vocabulary in class has been mastered, the vocabulary should be selected in extra-curricular reading materials, so as to expand the vocabulary; in extra-curricular reading, the standard requirements sho

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