Term Work Plan of Physical Education Research Group This semester, the sports team will continue to do a good job in our school's radio gymnastics classroom teaching and daily morning exercises, to carry out daily morning exercises inspection work.Combining with the work of team headquarters, the quality of morning exercises for students can be effectively improved.The following is the semester work plan of the P. E. Research Group. Welcome to read for reference.Semester Work Plan of Physical Education Research Group 1. Work ideas are based on the construction of teaching and research team, focusing on improving the quality of education and implementing qualityoriented education in an all-round way. The Ministry of Education and the State General Administration of Physical Education should implement the "Opinions on Further Strengthening School Physical Education and Effectively Improving Students'Physical Fitness" to promote the reform of school-based physical education in chemical schools and comprehensively improve our school's physical education.The level of education work should be strengthened to study the implementation strategies of physical education classroom teaching, extracurricular activities, large class breaks, amateur training and the National Standards for Physical Health of Primary and Secondary School Students, so as to promote the comprehensive, healthy and harmonious development of students.Continue to improve the discipline teaching and research mechanism, improve the school-based teaching research system, give full play to the role of the network platform, promote the professional growth of physical education teachers, guide the overall, coordinated, scientific and healthy development of school physical education, so that school physical education teaching in action research to tap experience, mature, form characteristics, so that the guiding ideology of "health first" can truly be reflected in school physical education.。 2. Key Work Points 1. Actively carry out school group activities to ensure that students have an hour of sports activities every day; 2. Strengthen school sports scientific research activities to actively enhance the quality of sports work in our school; 3. Broaden the school sports amateur training network and strengthen the construction of traditional schools and schools with sports characteristics; 4. Actively implement school-based sports curriculum reform; 5. Increase the quality of sports work in our school.Strengthen the construction of P.E. teachers and improve their ideological and professional qualities; 6. Implement the National Students'Physical Health Standards with high standards to complete the reporting work of the national database; 7. Strengthen the effectiveness of physical education classes and extracurricular activities to create a real campus sports cultural atmosphere.8. Carefully implement the Regulations on School Physical Education Work, combine with school reality, highlight school characteristics, pioneer and innovate, and carry out school physical education work conscientiously and effectively.3. Task Goal 1. Work out the P.E. teaching group work plan, the P.E. teaching schedule plan and the class hour plan.2. In accordance with the curriculum standards of physical education and health, we should conscientiously carry out collective lesson preparation and teach every physical education lesson well.3. Organize and guide students to actively participate in extracurricular sports activities to stimulate students'interest in sports.4. Carefully implement and implement the National Students'Physical Health Standard, and gradually improve it.5. Carefully take the "two exercises and two lessons" to ensure the quality and quantity, and ensure the healthy growth of students'physical and mental health.6. Actively carry out sports competitions; continue to do a good job of spare-time training of school sports teams.Organize all kinds of competitions in our school.7. In physical education teaching, students are the main body, focusing on the cultivation of innovative spirit and practical ability, and paying attention to the cultivation of students'behavior habits and ideological and moral education.8. Teachers of the third grade of junior middle school should do a good job in the physical education test of the third grade of junior middle school and strive for good results.4. Specific measures for teaching and re

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