Teaching Plan for Training Base of Financial Mathematics and Financial Engineering Talents (Base of Financial Mathematics and Financial Engineering Education Professional Introduction "Financial Mathematics and Financial Engineering Talents Training Base" is a university-level undergraduate talent training base established by Shandong University, which integrates the discipline advantages, teaching staff strength, teaching resources and conditions of the School of Mathematics and Systems Science and the School of Economics.In accordance with the requirements of "clear objectives, leading reforms, outstanding achievements, optimization of teachers, advanced equipment, excellent teaching and first-class quality", the base is built to comprehensively integrate the educational resources of Finance and applied mathematics and other related undergraduate majors, break the boundaries of original disciplines and majors, and cultivate interdisciplinary financial talents. It is a combination of theory, application and technology.Comprehensive financial talent training base. II. Training objectives and requirements The aim of the base is to train excellent compound and applied financial professionals with high political and ideological quality, good physical and mental health, solid discipline foundation, innovative spirit, broad knowledge, strong ability and high comprehensive quality.Specifically, the students trained in the base meet the following requirements: 1With firm political belief, high patriotic enthusiasm, lofty ideals, strong sense of social responsibility, excellent social competitiveness and even international competitiveness, personality and personality have been fully and healthily developed. 2With a solid theoretical foundation of mathematics and economics, a solid grasp of basic financial theory, financial mathematics, financial engineering and financial management theory and practical knowledge, we can develop, design and operate new financial instruments and means. 3With solid mathematical and physical analysis foundation and mathematical model skills, can use economic and financial analysis methods and means to conduct social surveys, analysis and solve financial practical problems. 4After graduation, students are competent to engage in financial business, technical and managerial work in banking, insurance, securities, trust and other financial departments; competent to engage in financial, financial and risk management work in enterprises; competent to engage in teaching and scientific research work in education and scientific research departments. 5Some excellent graduates with academic training potential can meet the requirements of direct promotion to master's degree. 3. Years of study Four years. IV. Professional Categories and Degrees Granted A bachelor's degree in economics or science is awarded to those who have completed their studies according to the plan. 5. Main (Core) Courses of the Major Political Economics, Macro-Microeconomics, Monetary Banking, International Finance, Econometrics, Financial Investment, Financial Engineering, Corporate Finance, Financial Economics, International Economics, Commercial Bank Management, Financial Market, Western Monetary and Financial Theory, Mathematical Analysis, Higher Algebra, Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, Ordinary Differential Equations, Operational Research. VI. Major Directions and Characteristics of Specialty In accordance with the training objectives of compound and applied financial professionals, the Base trains students with solid theoretical foundation of mathematics and economics, solid knowledge of financial theory, financial mathematics, financial engineering and financial management, and initially possesses the ability to develop, design and operate new financial instruments, as well as the ability to comprehensively use various financial analysis tools to solve financial practical problems. The base establishes an independent and complete teaching plan, and organizes classes separately. Some excellent and potential students are trained to have a good command of basic knowledge. Major Professional Experiments Computer courses, financial investment courses, finance courses, commercial banks courses, econometrics courses, and graduation internships. 8. Teaching Process and Overall Schedule Credit Arrangement See schedule. 9. Other Teaching Links Graduation thesis and internship are 10 weeks, 10 credits, arran

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