Teaching Plan for Kindergarten Secondary Class after Term In the new semester, the two teachers in our class will strengthen political learning, improve their ideological and political quality, establish a good image and a scientific outlook on children and education, so as to make the physical and mental health of children develop.Guided by the spirit of "Outline" and "Regulation", we should abide by the rules and regulations in the garden, obey the leadership arrangement, do our own work well, pay attention to the growth and development of children, and carry out thematic activities, regional activities, parents'observation characteristic activities in activities accordance with and the reality.According to the characteristics of children's age and the actual situation of the class, we should formulate feasible routines of daily activities, and constantly improve the ability of observing, analyzing activities.Through and good reflecting educational on children's means, we daily can cultivate children's good living, health and learning habits, and promote their emotional, attitude, ability, knowledge and skills development.Through various forms of activities, promote the development of children's overall quality.We should actively explore new methods of education and teaching, pay attention to the different development characteristics and potentials of young children, and pay attention to their different development needs and abilities.With motherly love to warm and care for each child, promote the physical and mental health of children, full of personality development. Class situation Two teachers in our class, through the observation of last semester, the children are obviously sensible. They are basically able to complete the routine requirements put forward by the teachers. They are interested in the various activities carried out in the garden. They have a more obvious desire for knowledge. They can boldly express their wishes with the teachers in the process of life and learning, and have a preliminary sense of responsibility in acceptance.Communication ability has improved a lot, willing to help others, learned to share, like sports.Very fond of games, and very dedicated, according to last semester's evaluation of children, find out the difference between children in the garden and at home.For example, a very simple thing: children can do their own thing well in kindergarten by dressing up, but the feedback is that they need the help of their parents to complete it.Is it necessary to reflect on being a parent?There are children watching TV and playing computer at home for too long, but parents can't do anything about it. Who is the responsibility?Individual parents reflect that children do not have enough food in the kindergarten. As teachers, we can assure you that every child will have enough food in the kindergarten.The problem is that you have to cooperate with us and stop feeding the children when you go home. The problem of overfeeding the children comes one after another, causing food accumulation and fever.Drinking water has always been a concern of parents. Individual parents feel that their children do not drink enough water. In fact, teachers will arrange their children's drinking water scientifically and reasonably.Some parents also asked me: why don't kindergartens teach children to read and write? Literacy has started after middle school, in the game, learning to recognize some simple words. 2. Education and Teaching At the beginning of this semester, we will focus on the cultivation of ability and let children learn to do what they can.In one day's life, children are guided to understand, experience and understand the basic rules of social behavior in various ways, to learn self-discipline, and to establish the awareness of rules.Create a healthy and rich environment, strengthen the learning of Putonghua, promote education by environment, and ensure the development of children.Pay attention to the development of children's sociality and promote the formation of children's good personality and emotion.We should carry out education and teaching scientifically and rationally, face all young children and promote all-round development.Combining with daily life, we should carry out safety education to improve self-protection awareness and ability.Ability to listen to all kinds of passwords and signals to make cor

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