Teaching Design Table for Collective Lesson Preparation in Zhuzhai Town Central School 20178---201First semester of school year Topic: Clapping Song Lesson second preparation grade Sponsor Class Two class hour hour Sun teaching 2017Septemb Xiao Yu time er 25th 2013 team teaching target Know 12 new words "pat, lean, silkworm, insert, root, stick, handle, break, bract, song, rush, pi", and write 6 new words "pat, close, beans, grain, silkworm, pi".Learn the new header "Hand in hand, word in person, word in insect, three frames". 2. Read the text by spelling syllables, grasp the pronunciation of new words, and read children's 1. A key songs correctly and fluently. 3. Preliminary understanding of the rules of Chinese character formation and perception of the ideographic function of Chinese characters. 4. Make use of the characteristics of clapping songs and read children's songs in various forms to cultivate students'interest in selfliteracy and improve their literacy efficiency. 5. Develop students'interest in selfliteracy and love for the motherland's language and writing. Master new words, can read 12 new words accurately, can write 6 new words, can read children's songs correctly and fluently. difficulty Understand the meaning of new words and use new words to make sentences. Encouragement method, Courseware teaching explanation method, Teaching Method guidance method, discovery aids method teaching process Section A First, passionately guide interest and introduce new lessons. 1. Listen to children's songs. Teacher: Children, do you like to listen to children's songs?The teacher brought you a children's song.Listen to the The two lesson preparation song and think: What's the name of the song? 2. Play "Happy Clap Song". 3. The student replies: This song is called "Happy Clap Hand Song". Teacher: You are so smart!Today we are going to learn the song clapping hands. 5. Revealing the subject and writing on the blackboard. 2. Literacy. 1. Guide students to read children's songs freely, and read the words that they can't read several times with the help of Pinyin. 2. Guide the students to find out that they can read and write in the text, and then repeat the spelling. Teacher: Boys and girls, the teacher has arranged you to circle the characters that you can recognize and write in the text. Have you done it well?(Show the courseware: new words in the text.) Teacher: Please read the new words together with your classmates, and see if you can read them at the same table.If your deskmate can't read correctly or correctly, would you please correct it for him? Student: Reporting the situation of reading and correcting by teachers. 3. Read children's songs to each other at the same table and correct each other's tones. Teacher: Just now, the students all read very well. Now the naughty babies have run into the children's songs. They want to test whether you still know them.Now please read the children's song together at the same table and correct each other's tones. 4. Check the reading situation. 5. Learn new words again. (1) The new character baby in the nursery rhyme ran out to meet us again. Do you still know him? (Show the courseware: you can write with pinyin.) (2) The students read the new words with Pinyin together. (3) Read new words in various forms. A. reading. B. Group reading. C. Read by train. 6. Recognize the glyph. (1) Ask the students to observe the characters and find ways to read them. (2) Exchange methods of literacy and encourage students to read independently. 7 New Words Blossom: See which group has the most words. Teacher: The students are really capable. They can make many words! 8. Read words by train.And can use the phrase to say a sentence. Teacher: Who can say a word in your favorite words? Example: Rice, rice: Mother went to the field to collect rice.3. Guiding writing. 1. Students communicate with each other on the way to memorize new words. Sheng: I add one and one, for example: pluck + white = shoot; day + worm = silkworm. Sheng: I use the slip of the tongue. For example, a person's mouth is "close". 2. Students observe the position of new words in Tianzi Style. Teacher: Please pay attention to the position of the starting pen in Tianzi Style. 3. Guidance Writing: Key Guidance: Pat, Silkworm, Pi. (1) Teacher: Show the order of strokes of these words. (2

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