Teachers'Personal Professional Growth Planning Zhang Ting Time flies by in a hurry, and in a twinkling of an eye, my teaching career has gained another semester.As language teachers, the times we are facing require us to pay attention to the planning of personal professional growth, which is not only the need of career pursuit, the need of realizing our personal value, but also the need of social development.Planning for personal professional growth is actually a plan for life, and we must attach great importance to it. I. Analysis of Self-actuality In terms of professional emotions, I am passionate about the profession of teachers, have a love for students, have a strong sense of responsibility and enterprising, I believe that the "three hearts" have a strong role in promoting my teaching work and student management in the future. In terms of professional accomplishment, because I am not a primary education major, I still can not fully understand some related concepts of primary education.This aspect can be said to be my weakest link.But four years'study in university has trained my strong learning ability, and I am sure that I can adapt to this constantly updated educational concept very quickly. In terms of professional improvement, because I have the ability to engage in education and teaching in primary schools, I believe that as long as I keep on making progress and learning, I will be able to compete for Chinese teaching in the first grade of primary school.At the same time, because I have just stepped onto the post of teacher, only two weeks from teaching time, education and teaching experience is insufficient, the art of educating students needs to be improved, these aspects are all aspects that I should improve. II. Self-Development Goals (1) Overall development goals First of all, in order to better achieve professional growth, I will be based on the position, focusing on the overall situation of the school and the development of students, conscientious and down-to-earth work, strict self- discipline, take the lead in setting an example.Establishing the concept of lifelong learning and constantly learning and accumulating the most advanced educational and teaching ideas, at the same time, I must study the art of education and teaching, explore and reflect on my own educational and teaching practice, form a unique style of education and teaching, and try my best to assist class teachers in teaching and learning, strive to open classes every school year. 。 I hope I can become a qualified primary school language teacher as soon as possible. (2) Phase Development Goals 1Careful study of textbooks, based on the perspective of students to study textbooks; actively prepare lessons, conscientiously attend each lesson; strive to open two public classes at the school level; solid their basic teaching skills; strive to be able to enter the public teacher next year. 2Read famous books on education, accumulate more, strive to write a teaching paper, improve their teaching ability and education art, and be a teacher that students like. 3Actively participate in various activities organized by schools and educational offices, learn music, fine arts, dance and so on, improve their abilities in an all-round way, and make themselves an all-round teacher. (3) Ways of Development 1Strengthen the cultivation of teachers'morality and style, form noble personality, and have an enterprising heart.We should love our students, have a caring heart for them, treat them honestly, be tolerant and have a strong sense of responsibility. 2In the process of teaching, we should study the textbooks conscientiously, study the textbooks from the perspective of students, prepare lessons actively, conscientiously attend every lesson, timely reflect on the lessons, summarize the shortcomings in our teaching and correct them. 3In the teaching mode, we should continue to explore the creation methods of life-oriented and situational teaching, and master the classroom style of life-oriented and situational teaching.So as to enrich teaching methods and stimulate students'interest in learning. 4Adhere to teaching and develop themselves in the communication between teachers and students.Following the management principle of "people-oriented", we should strengthen our management ability.It is not a kind of imposed management, to cultivate students'ability to manage themselves. 5Through comparis

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