Distinguished leaders, teachers and dear students: Good morning, everyone. In order to warn teachers and students to remember history, not forget national shame and cherish peace, but also to enhance students'awareness of risk and distress, to be familiar with the procedures and routes of evacuation in emergency evacuation, and to improve the ability of teachers and students to density evacuation and cope with emergencies, this afternoon, in the ear-piercing sound of air defense early warning, our school's "9.18" emergency safety evacuation drill officially began.Teachers and students of the whole school evacuated safely, orderly and quickly from the teaching building to the safety zone in front of the comprehensive building. The whole exercise process was orderly, efficient and successfully ended the exercise. Dear classmates, the alarm sounds and the tragic voice tears the sky apart.The air defense warning for more than ten minutes is a heroic mourning for the war against Japan and a complaint against Japanese imperialism. We seem to have heard the unyielding cry of tens of millions of our dead compatriots.Today, I want to remind you that although the pain is gone!The misery is gone!But we should always remember history and never forget our national shame.History is always deposited. History is the collective memory of the nation and mankind. If a nation does not know where it comes from, it does not know where it goes.Teachers and students, please remember: Forgetting history means betrayal.Today, our hearts are full of emotion and enthusiasm.Students, do not think that only in troubled times, fighting on the battlefield, to die for the country is patriotic.Our battlefield is the land under our feet. We should integrate our ideals with our nation. Students, there is always a force to move us, and there is always a spirit to urge us to advance.The old man of history is still on the way, we still need to work hard, because we can not forget that unforgettable period of history - September 18, 1931. At the same time, our country is currently engaged in a special struggle to eradicate black and evil in full swing, and our school has also carried out a series of activities in accordance with the plan.Here, I would like to put forward the following requirements to the students: first, we should strengthen the safety awareness, especially for safety accidents; second, we should do a good job of prevention, prevention first, each responsible person should check the safety work regularly according to the requirements of the school.Thirdly, all students are required to establish safety awareness, enhance self-protection ability, strictly abide by school rules and regulations, and jointly create a safe and peaceful campus environment.At the same time, through the rolling propaganda of LED electronic screen, the school publicizes the harmfulness of the black and evil forces, publicizes the achievements made in combating the black and evil forces, creates a good atmosphere of public opinion for the further promotion of the special struggle against black and evil, and mobilizes the whole society to participate in the special action of "sweeping black and eliminating evil". Wang Yang School Junior Middle School 2019.09.18

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