Summary Report on Thematic Education Activities The report on the theme education activities to enhance the awareness of the members of the Communist Youth League XXX "Enhancing the awareness of the members of the Communist Youth League Theme Education Activities", under the care and guidance of the Party Committee of the school, the League Committee deeply grasped the spirit of the superiors, in accordance with the relevant requirements of document XX [~] 5, guided by the thought of "Party building and leading the League building", absorbed the education of "maintaining the advanced nature of the members of the Communist Party" in the arrangement and deployment of the educational activities.Successful experience and relevant practices of the activity, combined with the characteristics of Student League members and the ideological trends of contemporary youth, as well as the overall objectives and requirements of the construction of "Three Winds" (teaching style, learning style and school style) in our school, have achieved the goal of launching propaganda in place, learning and deployment in place, working measures in place, target assessment in place, and the strong allocation of cadres at all levels in the course of the activity.Under the plan, the first level should be paid attention to, and the implementation should be carried out at all levels, which ensures that the educational activities can be carried out smoothly in strict accordance with the plan and has achieved certain results.1. Ideological awareness is in place, guiding ideology is clear, propaganda and mobilization are indepth and study is seriously deployed. Emphasis is placed on raising awareness. In the process of three stages of educational activities, the League Committee has conscientiously carried out the work of all links.After the activities were carried out, the League Committee re-registered the information of League members, and grasped the basic situation of each league branch in detail. In particular, the mobile League members were included in the scope of education management, the branch of teaching and workers'League was reconstituted, and a letter was sent to the League committees of 20 civil aviation units with Student League members, hoping that they could absorb these mobile League members to participate in educational activities and strive to expand them.Coverage of large educational activities.A total of 1 XXX Student League members and XXX teaching staff League members participated in our school's educational activities.At the stage of learning and education, the League Committee recommended "Special Learning Bibliography", "Recommended Bibliography of Revitalizing Chinese Reading Activities in Shanghai in the Year to Year", "List of Shanghai Patriotic Education Bases" and compiled "Self-test Questions of Party and League Knowledge". At the same time, with the League Branch as the core, the League Branches set off the upsurge of "League Constitution" learning, and the League cadres at all levels led the whole group members to learn "Teaching".Educational Reading Book, in-depth understanding of the guiding ideology and principles of educational activities.In line with the principle of mutual help and common progress, all branches hold democratic life meetings and actively carry out criticism and progress.Some branches also put forward their own opinions and suggestions on the construction of their own branches and activate the work of the League branches, and seriously discussed them. Each branch also carried out a discussion on the criteria for the members of the "New Age and New Style".Before the holidays, Comrade Gu Qing gathered all the cadres of the League for training, and after the beginning of the school, he gave them League lessons and organized them to study.Because of the effective guarantee of working measures, most of the league members have completed the "Five-one", that is, writing a learning experience, doing a set of self-test questions, earnestly studying the "League Constitution", participating in a volunteer service, and filling in a "Winter Holiday Learning Record".3. Strengthen leadership supervision, establish assessment system, and establish leadership responsibility system for educational activities by League committees with various forms of activities. In the Plan for the Implementation of Activities, Comrade Gu Qing was clearly identified as the first person responsible for this acti

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