Summary Report of Purchasing Department's Work Respected company leader: Hello! I joined the Huqiang company in May today. Looking back on the past four months, it has been a difficult month for the purchasing department. The order batch of the company is generally small and the delivery time is relatively urgent, which brings great challenges to the cost control, supplier quality control and delivery time control of purchasing.Following is my summary of the work of Purchasing Department up to August 2018. I. Daily Work Contents 1. Supplier Management Vendor management mainly focuses on the development of new suppliers, the management of original suppliers and the evaluation of suppliers.The company has more than 80 suppliers. The company's main raw material suppliers are as follows: Serial number Material category Supplier 1 PVC Plastic Particles Pegasus 2 steel wire Penglai 3 Wire Favorite device 4 A wire rope Shang Kai Che 5 PE, POM Inner Casing Lu Da 6 Foam tube Yi Fei Chi 2. Order Analysis Purchasing Department carries out purchasing work according to sales customer orders and planned purchasing applications. By August 2018, the number of purchasing orders was 106 batches, of which 925 batches were normal returns and 87% were timely returns.The following is the order analysis of monthly procurement execution: project Batch of materials first quarter The second quarter The third quarter Total 486 580 Not yet completed 1066 On-time arrival and batch 420 505 Not yet completed 925 Timeliness of incoming materials 86% 87% - 87% 3. Sorting and Maintenance of Purchasing Process In accordance with the requirements of the leadership, improve the management process and system of the department. According to the requirements of the order, complete the procurement work in time to ensure that the production and order requirements are met. Perfect supplier management Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership Second, the existing problems 1. ERP system orders can not be issued in batches, single completion results in inefficiency, it is recommended that the company upgrade the ERP system. 2. Some suppliers have long lead-time purchasing, and need to issue advance business forecast plan and customer formal purchase order. It is convenient for suppliers to purchase raw materials in time and avoid delays in delivery. 3. The slow payment progress of suppliers results in poor coordination among suppliers and frequent quality problems of spare parts. III. Work plan for 2019 1. Comb the purchasing process, summarize experience, and ensure timely delivery of suppliers'materials. 2. Cooperate with Quality Department to manage suppliers and ensure that suppliers deliver qualified products. 3. Controlling purchase cost, eliminating inferior suppliers and introducing high-quality suppliers. 4. Coordinate the financial department and pay the supplier on time as soon as possible. Above is my work summary report, instructions! Purchasing Department Yang Yang 2018-9-21 please give

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