Summary Report on Social Practice collect With the sound of New Year's 0 o'clock, we ushered in the Year of the Ox.As a college student, I cherish the desire to be close to the society and serve the society.I have designed and carried out the social practice of the ecological environment investigation of the XX River by myself.In the meantime, I made a series of investigations on the river and its surroundings.Communicate with many people and collect information and evidence. The reality is this shore, the ideal is the other shore, separated by the turbulent river, and the practice is the bridge on the river.How to make our ideals and the knowledge learned in textbooks better integrate in social practice is an important way to further deepen our knowledge and improve our level.This information comes from Guizhou-Zhou-Xue-Xi-Net Report, which summarizes the practice report. It brings different kinds of exquisite technology, but it brings back perhaps the most precious and valuable harvest in my life.Before entering the society, I hope to accumulate more social experience, improve quality, and make zero contact with society in advance.Learn how to communicate with people, how to communicate with people, how to cooperate with people and so on.I believe that any job can bring me knowledge that is not available in textbooks.So in this practice, I try my best to invest in it and do my best to do the investigation.During this period, although nothing important has been done, we have gained a lot from doing it bit by bit. In this way, I started my own investigation.First of all, I did the following work flow and concrete implementation steps at home.On the first day, I came to the government departments and relevant village committees to learn about the history and basic overview of the XX river, and asked the leaders about the management measures of the XX river. Seeing the affirmative nods and satisfied smiles of the government leaders, I firmly believed in the investigation.The next day, I visited my neighbors and asked some passers-by what they knew about the river.Inevitably, there are many discomforts in the investigation work, and there will always be some minor mistakes.In the process of visiting, some people cooperate, but there are always some people who do not cooperate, even ignore you.When you ask questions, you will inevitably have problems of inappropriate words and slow transcription.Sometimes I meet foreigners, and the way of communication becomes a problem.If you encounter these things, you can only play them on your own.The third day was my most tired day. I made field investigations and records along the river from the North end.I have records of shops, factories, residential buildings, illegal and unreasonable buildings by the river.After the investigation, it is necessary to collect and classify the data and analyze the situation of the river. In a few days, it is only for summarizing and filling in the gaps. In less than a week, I used my sweat to harvest knowledge that I could not learn from textbooks.Having accomplished my original intention of "being close to society and serving society", I will never forget the full and meaningful days of these days.The affirmation of the elders'approval and the sincere advice of passers-by are deeply impressed in my mind.This practice has learned knowledge that is not available in books. It has increased the practical operation ability and enriched the life experience. It will be the most valuable wealth for me to go to the society. At the same time, through social practice activities, we have fundamentally solved some problems of our students'ideological understanding, promoted the transformation of their world outlook, and passed the warmth of the organs and departments, and have been educated and inspired.We have strengthened our national self-confidence and pride, strengthened our belief in taking the socialist road and realized the spirit of the 10th National Congress.It also points out the direction of future employment, makes an objective evaluation of its social orientation and self-worth, and finds the gap between itself and reality. I deeply feel that what I have learned these days is different from the school's theory, so I realize that if I want to develop in my future career, I must combine theory with practice closely. It is the growth of my knowledge in practice that I must cultivate my abilities in all aspects.

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