Five minute inspirational speech on youth Hello everyone, I am a post-90s CEO.A lot of people say that the post-90s are very casual and free and irresponsible. I don't think it has much to do with age.I come from a very poor family. My parents sell pork in the market. Then I hated the smell of pork and the stink of the market.My father said, Jiawen, if you don't work hard, you will be like me in your life, selling pork in the market.So I have spent ten times and twenty times more effort than others since I was young. I want to be a different personI came out to do business when I was 14 years old. I was a senior in that year.When many of my friends are still immersed in a simple campus life, I made a high school students' dating website.In the second year of high school, I earned the first barrel of gold in my life: one million yuan.In my senior year, I suddenly felt that if I immersed in this small money every day, I would not make great progress in my life, so I thought I should go to college to meet more friends.When I came to the University, I found that the teacher couldn't teach me anything. Then I rented a small house opposite the school and started my second business.I grew up to be a little liked person, so no one will like me, which makes me very lonely.But sometimes loneliness makes me grow up very fast, because I know that only by myself can I work hard and run hardIn fact, the management of our company is the same. I think I'm like a wild boy. I run around the company barefoot every day, and then I sit on the ground with my employees at meetings.I told my staff that you should be wild and wild enough, because we are all wild children, we must survive.I told them that if they couldn't solve the problem, they would quarrel. If they didn't quarrel, they would fight. If they were hospitalized, I would pay for it.In our company, all medical expenses of employees are free, and the medical expenses of their parents are also free.I cut down the human resources department of the company, and I let the employees pay by themselves.I don't want to tell you what your salary is.So in this case, our company is very wild and has no rules, but our performance runs very fast.The cost of getting an Internet user from the same company outside is eight yuan, and I get 30 cents.So I think the culture of an enterprise is actually the character of the boss. No boss of an enterprise in China dares to do this because they don't have my courage.Many people say that the post-90s can't bear hardships, and even some people say, Yu Jiawen, you succeed today because you are lucky.Yes, I'm really young. I have financial freedom. My parents don't have to do business anymore.It's said that you have good geomancy, good ancestral home and good luck. In fact, this is not the case. I have experienced a lot of painful thingsLast August, my company went bankrupt. The investor called me and said, "Yu Jiawen, I want to withdraw my capital. I will not invest in you.".All of a sudden, I can't afford to pay the salaries of more than 100 employees; I can't afford to pay the property management fees and the rent of more than 100000 a month.It's a six-month renewal, so I'm being chased by the property and everything in the company has been confiscated.It's really "happy and refreshing". I went to the hospital for examination. The doctor diagnosed that I had cancer.At that time, I was very afraid of death. I said that I must solve so many bad things I lost. How can I die if I don't solve them? So I listed all my basic things as one small thing and did everything.The first thing I need is 200000 yuan. I think only 200000 yuan maybe I can turn over.Then I called all the phones in the mobile phone address book. No one wanted to lend me 200000 yuan, even all the so-called good friends around me.Finally, a friend who had the worst relationship with me borrowed 200000 yuan from me.With the 200000 yuan, I found a particularly shabby place. Even the tables were covered with boards and a tablecloth, and then I went to work.I told more than 100 employees of my company that, first, I can't afford to pay. Maybe I can't afford to pay in the next two months, three months or even half a year. But if you are willing to stay with me, I will give you a good and better living condition.My staff promised me that they would accompany me to eat fried noodles and

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