Summary Report of ERP Sand Table Simulation Training Class: 14 Business Administration Class 2 Teacher: Yang Min Panel members:Huang 043420140109 Zhu Zhizhi: 0434 20140115 He Xiaolin: 0434 20140105 April 2017 Ying: I. Training time: 2017.3-2017.4 2. Training venue: College Computer Room 101 III. Training Role Our team is composed of three people, divided into three roles: CEO (General Manager) CSO (Marketing Director) CFO (Financial Director). Members of this group: Huang Ying-CEO (General Manager) He Xiaolin-CSO (Marketing Director) Zhu ZhizhiCFO (Financial Director) IV. Training purposes: ERP is the cutting-edge enterprise management mode, through the transfer of data between the templates, the enterprise management has been upgraded to the system.The school organizes this simulated practice in our junior year. It is hoped that by simulating the simulated environment of the company, we can familiarize ourselves with the operation of the company, face the competitive environment, directly participate in the operation process and production process of the company, simulate the decision-making of production and operation, and deal with the economic business of the company in time. Fifth, the training process: This training is mainly divided into the following processes: 1.Submit advertising fees and scramble for orders.2.Production and orders.3.Decision-making delivery of according production to scale.4.Market expansion and product development.5.The operation of funds. 1.Submit advertising fees, snatch orders and bid meetings.This simulation. As step is the a crucial saying step goes, in the whole everything starts hard.First, the general manager predicts the production capacity according to the number of production lines, and provides data support for the marketing director to grab orders.The Marketing Director determines the cost of advertising according to the market situation, the productivity of the company, the forecast and analysis of competitors, and the communication with the Financial Director.When the advertising fee ranking comes out, it is the marketing director who, according to the data in hand, chooses the most advantageous product order for our company under the existing circumstances. 2.According to the order production, delivery.This step is very good, because it has been carefully predicted beforehand, so the marketing director expends money from the financial director according to the order, the general manager carries on the orderly production according to the production line capacity, delivers the order when it is completed, and obtains the payment. 3.Decision-making of production scale.This step is mainly accomplished by the general manager, marketing director and financial director.According to the market trend analysis, the marketing director predicts the future market demand. The general manager makes decisions based on the data, the number of production lines, the types of production lines (super manual line, automatic line, leasing line, flexible line), and the idle and utilization of the plant. 4.Market expansion and product development.Marketing Director analyses the market and predicts the trend of the market and products in the future. According to the analysis results, through communication with Finance Director, he invests different funds in different markets (local, regional, domestic, Asian, international) and different products (P1, P2, P3, P4, P5), as well as ISO9000 and ISO14000 certification. 5.The operation of funds.It can be said that the CFO is the hardest in the whole simulation.Every capital inflow and outflow must be recorded by the Financial Controller.At the beginning of each year, the Financial Controller forecasts the whole year's capital situation, decides the loan (long loan, short loan) and discount according to the forecast, and guarantees the continuity of liquidity. 6. Experience and experience in practical training: The four-week ERP sand table simulation training ended in a busy schedule.In this training, we deeply feel that the company's operation is not easy, especially in the presence of strong market competition, the survival of enterprises is often in a flash. First of all, I would like to introduce the basic situation of our company.Our company's name is Spicy Bar. We have bold decision-making and innovation based on the management experience of "uni

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