Summary of Young Pioneers'Work in the Second Semester of the 2018-2019 Academic Year This semester, under the guidance of the leadership of the school, the Young Pioneers'work in our school has carried out various forms of Young Pioneers' activities, broadening the field of activities of the members.Give full play to the positive, pioneering, self-reliant and innovative role of Young Pioneers'organization, so that we can make steady progress in the work of Major Pioneers and achieve certain development.This semester's work is summarized as follows: First, do a good job in the routine work of the Young Pioneers to promote their own construction to a new level. Over the past semester, our school has insisted on doing a good job in the routine work of the Young Pioneers, so as to make the Young Pioneers'organization full of vitality. 1.Adhere to the standard flag-raising and flag-lowering ceremony.The flag-raising ceremony is the best time to arouse students'patriotic feelings, cultivate young pioneers' competitive consciousness and enhance their sense of honor. Every Monday, all teachers and students stand under the solemn five-star red flag. Every time we speak under the flag, we ask every administrator to prepare carefully, establish the educational theme, and bring a rich spiritual breakfast to all teachers and students. 2.Regular brigade committee meetings will be held so that they can play a leading role in all aspects, and adhere to the implementation of the Code of Conduct for Primary School Students and the Code of Conduct for Primary School Birthdays among the team members, so as to correct the bad atmosphere among the students in a timely manner and stimulate the students'fivelove passion. 3.The theme activities of Young Pioneers will be carried out according to the festivals.Each class can arrange, implement and carry out thematic class meetings according to festivals or meaningful themes. 4.Strengthen the theoretical research and information exchange of the squadron counselors, hold regular class teacher meetings, exchange experience in the work, and unify ideas, clarify the focus of stage work, so as to achieve targeted. 2. Carefully implement the daily management work and lay a solid foundation for the work of the Young Pioneers. Daily management is the most basic component of moral education in schools. It is also the guarantee of stabilizing students'learning and living environment, enabling students to develop good habits and habits, and the necessary prerequisite for organizing and carrying out Young Pioneers' activities. Daily management includes the cultivation of students'good living habits, learning habits and civilized behavior habits.Every day, the Young Pioneers'Brigade carries out a series of daily management work for students, such as attendance, daily discipline, appearance, class hygiene, morning reading and morning exercises, and carries out "implementation, inspection and notification".As a basis for class assessment, the accumulated results of daily inspection further strengthen students'sense of collective honor, class cohesion, and vigorously strengthen students' civilized etiquette habits education, collective greetings and other civilized habits, so as to establish students'good civilized etiquette habits. Third, we should conscientiously organize various activities of young pioneers. Young Pioneers'activities are the life of young pioneers. Only through various forms of activities to carry out education, can we get twice the result with half the effort.The activities full of the atmosphere of the times are the soul of the Young Pioneers.With the progress of the times, great and profound changes have taken place in the characteristics of the times and the educational environment of children.As a young pioneer in the new century, we must conform to the trend of progress of the times, stand in the forefront of the times and practice, emancipate our minds, keep pace with the times, and carry out our work with innovative and pioneering ideas and energetic spirit. The following series of activities have been carried out in this period: 1Implementing the study of the Code and the Norms. In the first week of school, our school requires all classes to interpret the provisions of the Code and the Code, arrange students to study and implement in the weekly class meeting time, and check and summarize the red

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