Summary of "Safety Production Month" in 2019 In order to earnestly implement the requirements of "Safety Production Month" in June 2019 with the theme of "Preventing Risks, Suppressing Eliminating Accidents", Hidden take the Dangers opportunity and of management promotion activities, improve the level of project safety production management, and further implement the responsibility for safety production at all levels of the project, our project has actively carried out various special activities of "Safety Production Month".This activity has clearly defined the organizational structure of the activities, formulated a detailed programme of activities, and achieved complete success under the leadership and support of the project team.The "Safety Production Month" activities of this project are summarized as follows: I. Strengthen Leadership and Establish Activity Leadership Group The project department has set up the leading group of the "Safety Production Month" activity, which is responsible for carrying out the activity. The specific members are as follows: Group leader: Zheng Huacai Vice Team Leader: Wu Gang Members: Li Liangjun, Chen Xiangjun, Yang Yusen, Pan Cangpeng and Wang Husheng The leading group is responsible for leading the mobilization, deployment and summary of the "Safety Production Month" activities, organizing relevant personnel to participate in the "Safety Production Month" activities, and supervising the activities. 2. A series of "Safety Production Month" activities were carried out. 1. Launching Ceremony of "Safety Production Month" 2019On June 22, 1999, our project successfully held the launching ceremony of the "Safety Production Month" in 2019 for the first phase of the third phase project of Wenzhou Business College. Through the launching of the activity, the prelude of the "Safety Production Month" was launched extensively, which enabled the project participants to firmly establish the concept of "risk prevention, hidden danger elimination and accident prevention", further strengthen the awareness of the red line, adhere to the safety bottom line and implement the safety responsibility.To popularize safety knowledge and improve safety skills, so as to comprehensively improve the level of project safety production management, and lay a solid foundation for the construction of safe and high-quality rail transit projects. 2. Use slogans, propaganda boards and other propaganda tools to carry out safety propaganda activities In order to create a good atmosphere for the activities of "Safety Production Month" within the scope of the whole project, the banner of the theme "Safety Production Month" has been specially designed and hung in the project. The special exhibition board of "Safety Production Month" has been placed on the propaganda board of the project department, and the slogans of the activities are rolled 24 hours on the LED display screen, vigorously publicizing the knowledge of safety production policies, laws and regulations, fire protection and occupational hygiene, etc.Understanding, through propaganda so that the broad masses of workers fully realize the importance of safe production, improve the initiative to participate in activities consciously, and truly achieve the purpose of promoting safety work by activities. 3. Carry out Safety and Quality Swearing Activities At 9:00 a.m. on June 22, 2019, the Project Safety and Quality Director organized all managers to take safety and quality pledges.Safety oath, solemn commitment, clang oath, shaking the hearts of the people.Oath activity warns every staff member of the project to regularize their work behavior with safety rules and regulations at all times, strictly control safety and quality, tighten production safety strings at all times, inspire every staff member to strictly request themselves, keep in mind safety pledge, firm confidence and determination in production safety, promote enterprise safety development, and build excellent safety prevention network.Oath words are sworn out from the workers'mouths, representing every worker who takes the oath of safety production firmly in mind, safeguarding safety and quality in their own work posts, ensuring that the project creates benefits in safety and creates happiness in safety. 4. Organizing Safety Signature Activities The project department strengthens the safety responsibility of employees by si

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