Summary of work in kindergarten middle class The summary time of kindergarten middle class work passes by in a hurry, and the semester of middle class soon passes. Every child can study and live happily in kindergarten. Not only is he taller, but also his abilities in various aspects have been improved.Under the careful cultivation of teachers, children's good feelings and attitudes are gradually developing, and their abilities, knowledge and skills have also been further developed.This semester's various education and teaching work will be summarized in order to enhance the strengths and avoid weaknesses in the future, which is conducive to the smooth development of class work.1. Nursing: After the last semester's study, children feel that they have grown up. They are no longer the younger brothers and sisters of kindergartens. We seize the opportunity for children to grow up, strengthen observation and guidance in every link of their daily life, and actively encourage them to learn to do their own things.Most children will dress and take off clothes independently and orderly under the guidance of teachers, and will fold clothes neatly.On the one hand, we patiently give help, on the other hand, we also carefully guide children to understand their own things to learn to do, in our efforts, hands-on ability has been significantly improved.In kindergarten work, the work of educating children is important, but the work of nursery care can not be ignored.Only with a clean environment and a healthy body can children learn and live happily.Therefore, the teachers in our class pay more attention to the implementation of conservation work while paying attention to education and teaching work. They strictly adhere to the safety and health system, adhere to the classroom ventilation and indoor and outdoor environment cleaning every day, and regularly disinfect.In May, because of the hand, foot and mouth disease, besides disinfecting toys, tables and chairs every day, we should carefully observe the situation of children in the class. For some weak children, we also give more special care in life. We often pay attention to their performance during meals and naps. In outdoor activities, we also pay special attention to their cold and warm, reminding them to drink more water and use more water.We take good care of every child carefully, so that parents can rest assured!Education: While taking care of children's life, we also attach importance to improving their physical quality in daily life, actively providing opportunities and space for outdoor activities for children, and encouraging them to interact actively with materials.We use the time of morning exercises every day to organize colorful group games and exercise various basic movements in a planned way. We make sports toys such as paper balls and sand hammers. We actively participate in children's activities, jump and play with them. Our enthusiasm and devotion infect every child. Everyone can actively and happily participate in outdoor activities. Children's movements are more coordinated and sensitive.。Due to the limitation of children's age characteristics and surroundings, children have fewer opportunities to generate their own activities. In the familiar life and environment around children, according to children's interests and needs, children can choose to put forward themes directly and generate content to promote children's learning.In this semester, our two teachers, guided by the kindergarten guidelines, combined with the development of children in our class, promote the development of each child's personality through every link of one-day activities; carry out activities in various ways to guide children to understand, experience and understand the basic rules of behavior, learn self-discipline, and establish a sense of rules; and combine daily life, carry out safety education, improve.It helps children to learn correct reading methods and cultivate their reading interest; guides them to respect others, be polite, honest and trustworthy in interpersonal communication; trains them to actively participate in various sports activities; and makes every child develop in an all-round way at the original level.3. Parent work: Parent work is also an important part of our education.In order to effectively do the routine work of parents.In order to make parents understand our work and win parents'understandi

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