Questionnaire Report on Environmental Consciousness of Waste Classification in High-tech Zone ------- Waste sorting starts from me College: College of Automation and Electronic Information Instructor: Wang Li Class: Automation Class 3 Members of the group: Chen Changchun and Yu Licheng Date: 2011/12/12 Investigation Report on Environmental Consciousness of Community Waste Classification abstractWith the rapid development of society, the environment has gradually become a victim of economic development. The degree of environmental damage has been deepening and deteriorating. Finally, people's environmental awareness has been awakened. The emergence of words such as "energy conservation and environmental protection", "low-carbon life" all shows the enhancement of people's environmental awareness.Of course, to achieve the above words, we have to start from small things, from the side.Recently, I found that the community I live in has replaced the ordinary garbage bin with the classified garbage bin, which makes me think: at present, there are many places with the classified garbage bin, and it also has the trend of gradually replacing the old garbage bin, so what is the community garbage classification in our city?What about people's environmental awareness? Key wordEnvironmental awareness of waste classification Background According to the investigation, at present, in order to protect the environment and save resources, many residential districts in some cities in China have implemented garbage sorting collection, but there are still some residential districts where there are no sorted garbage bins, garbage can not be sorted and put in, or there are garbage sorting bins, but they are in the same shape or appearance, garbage is not sorted or although sorted, garbage collection is chaotic.Condition.The environmental problems we live in have shown signs. In order to further study this problem, I decided to conduct a field survey on the status quo of garbage classification in residential areas. II. INVESTIGATION (1) Purpose of investigation 1To investigate the status of domestic waste classification in residential areas, find out the existing problems, and advocate that people should have a sense of crisis and a sense of crisis. 2Through investigation and propaganda of environmental protection concepts, we will contribute to the promotion of household garbage classification. 3Training my communicative competence through investigation (2) Investigation methods 1Questionnaire survey: Questionnaires are randomly distributed to the respondents, and the respondents give objective written answers according to their actual situation. Then the questionnaires are retrieved and the relevant data are analyzed. (3) Survey results 1Questionnaire recovery: 100 questionnaires were sent out, 100 questionnaires were recovered, 100 valid questionnaires were collected, the recovery rate was 100%, and the efficiency rate was 100%. 2Statistical analysis of the survey results: The survey is mainly divided into three aspects: 1. Current situation of waste classification in Zigong (High-tech Zone) (1-6) 2. Understanding of Residents'Reading Garbage in the Area (7-14) 3. Residents'Attitudes towards Waste Classification (15-20) III. Questionnaire collation and analysis The survey workers issued 100 questionnaires and actually recovered 100 questionnaires with a recovery rate of 100%. 1Do you have the habit of sorting garbage at home? A Have B Have C Occasionally Think A B C 23 53 24 2According to your observation, are there any classified garbage bins around your residence? A Many B, not many C, not D, not noticed. A B C D 27 63 7 3 3How do you see the advantages and disadvantages of garbage classification to society? A. Advantages outweigh disadvantages B. Advantages and disadvantages are equal C. Advantages outweigh advantages D. It is not clear. A B C D 90 3 6 1 4Do you know what is recyclable and what is not? Are A, B, C a little bit interested in knowing D? A B C D 36 5 52 7 5Is there a classified trash bin in the residential area? It doesn't matter if A has B and C doesn't. A B C 33 57 10 6What do you think are the drawbacks of the waste classification system in Zigong (High-tech Zone)? A Too few trash cans B People are not aware enough C is inconvenient D propaganda is not enough A B C D 31 57 3 9 7Do you know how to classify domestic waste? A knows B very w

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