Summary of Warehouse Administrator's Trial Period Correction Work Warehouse administrator's work is small, big and big. To be a good warehouse administrator is also of great value to the company. Here's a sample summary of warehouse probation work to help you write a good summary of warehouse administrator's work.In a twinkling of an eye, the three-month probation period ended. In this short month, I learned many things that I had never learned before, and I also came into contact with things that I had never touched before.I also feel that I have entered a harmonious relationship, unity and struggle, positive team.Thank you very much for the company and the leadership for giving me such a learning opportunity.First of all, in the three months of raw material warehouse, familiar with the raw material warehousing process, familiar with the use of first-in-first-out raw material warehousing process.During this period, whenever there are problems, colleagues will explain patiently. I think they are very enthusiastic and I have learned a lot from them.Leaders are assured that I will do my best. Although I am not highly educated, I will work hard.During the internship, he took on the basic responsibility of warehouse management, participated in the warehouse management, order management, visual management, 5S management, first-in-first-out management and Kanban management and other work activities.Understanding of each item: First, the management of access to warehouses, the operation of receipts and receipts, on what basis to receive and receive receipts and receipts, documents, careful verification, careful inventory, face-to-face handover, faceto-face signature; conscientiously follow strict procedures.Second: Order management, warehouse management plays part of the material control function, understanding safe inventory, turnover inventory, stock, procurement batch, closely following up the purchase and sale of each item, timely submitting for purchase of materials in arrears; on the one hand, to ensure sustainable supply of production lines, on the other hand, to ensure that inventory can be reduced, on the other hand, to take into account the procurement cycle and procurement costs, find a balance, statistics of the monthly claims of each item of materials.Use the law to understand the economic batch and cycle of purchasing, make a good comprehensive analysis and pay close attention to it continuously.Fourth: 5S management, the basis of various on-site management work is as important as warehouse management. The fixed-point positioning and quantitative principle of warehouse is to do a good job of reorganization, sorting out warehouse items, sorting out warehouse items, warehouse items, receiving, handling, storage and delivery of various activities, all need an orderly and clean working environment, only to do a good job of reorganization.In order to ensure the efficiency and quality of these work, we should do a thorough cleaning.Warehouse management is a long-term repetitive work, so we must cultivate a good habit, do a good job every day, clean day, 5S literacy is very helpful.Fifth: Firstin-first-out management is one of the three principles of warehouse management. Failure to implement first-in-first-out can easily lead to overdue inventory, deterioration of goods and scrapping risk of Engineering changes.The implementation of the first-in-first-out method includes the colored marking method, the two-zone warehouse displacement method, the gravity method, the most stringent batch record account recovery method, etc.

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