Visiting schools Notes on Kindergarten Visits to Primary Schools In order to let the children understand the learning life of the pupils, familiarize themselves with the environment of the primary school, and help them transit to the primary school as soon as possible, the large class in our kindergarten organizes the children to visit the international school. On the morning of January 2nd, all the large groups of children gathered at the entrance of the international school, with curiosity and expectation, under the leadership of the teacher, all the way hand in hand, happy to start the tour.Everything makes children feel fresh. They use their eyes to find the difference between primary school life and kindergarten life.Wide playgrounds, high teaching buildings, instead of kindergarten toys, are rows of high basketball shelves and wide football fields... Under the guidance of primary school teachers, the children watched their brothers and sisters'gymnastics, parades and morning exercises.After that, I visited restaurants, toilets and music rooms in turn. Next, we have music games, sports games and watching Chinese, mathematics and English classes in each class.Sitting in a spacious and bright classroom, the children talked quietly about the difference between primary school and kindergarten.Watching pupils attend classes is the key content of this primary school trip. The children sit quietly in the back of the classroom and watch the interaction between pupils and teachers. They are deeply attracted by the pupils'serious attitude toward class. They have expressed their desire to learn their skills like their brothers and sisters in order to prepare for becoming a qualified pupil. Visiting primary schools is a part of the connection between children and children. Through visiting, children experience the richness and variety of primary school life.This visit enables children to approach primary school closely, intuitively understand the life of primary school students, reduce the strangeness and mystery of primary school, stimulate their desire to enter primary school, make certain psychological preparations for them to enter primary school, and help children make a smooth transition from preschool education to primary education. Smoke and Rain Kindergarten Specific date

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