Summary of the Work of Middle Class in Kindergarten Summary of the work of the middle-class period I. Analysis of the situation of the period there are four classes, one of which is a new class.After one school year's education in small classes, the collective of all classes has basically formed. Children can abide by the rules of one-day activities, understand courtesy, like to participate in various activities, initially form good habits, improve their operational ability and living ability, and initially have the ability to feel beauty.Because there are old and new classes in different years, the family education of each child is different, most of the children in the new class are transferred from other kindergartens, and a small part of them have just come into contact with kindergarten life, so there are many unbalanced phenomena in the development of children: 1. Some children have poor listening habits, incomplete sentences when speaking, and prefer dialect to dialogue 2. Some children are not very good at it.Controlling one's own behavior will disturb others, easily distract one's attention, lack perseverance in doing things. 3. Some children show timidity and lack confidence in collective activities. 4. New class children will cultivate moral behavior habits and life hygiene habits. 2. Main tasks (1). Nursing and teaching work 1. Teachers will deeply understand "Kindergarten Education".Guidance Outline spirit, earnestly study and implement the "Compulsory City Kindergarten Education South" adhere to the purpose of "all for children", earnestly implement the principle of combining education and protection, pay attention to the form of games throughout children's day activities, implement teaching in accordance with their aptitude, and promote children's all-round development.2. This semester, our school will improve the previous curriculum structure, focus on children's activities, emphasize the curriculum model of children's interests and needs, and take children's activities as the form of organizational teaching. The content of the activities is determined by the educational needs of educators and children's interests. In a certain period, all children's learning activities will be studied around a certain theme.A curriculum model of investigative learning.Create a suitable environment for the development of thematic education.According to the educational needs and children's age characteristics, classes create various activity areas to provide children with opportunities to practice, use their brains and mouth.Combined with holidays and children to create a common environment, emotional education for children, so that children can be nurtured in the environment, so as to promote the expansion of knowledge and physical and mental pleasure, harmonious development.3. Teachers in all classes should improve their awareness of safety and protection in children's activities and life, and prevent accidents such as injuries in children's activity areas or outdoor activities.To organize children to understand a series of safety problems through conversation, life activities and generative thematic activities, and to run through the activities of a day's life to grasp different levels of safety knowledge.(2) The anticipated development goals of children in this school year are good health, emotional stability and pleasure in collective life, good hygiene habits and self-care ability, preliminary awareness of safety and self-protection, and willingness to participate in sports activities and learn various skills.Like to talk with people around, polite speech; can speak out their own needs and ideas boldly, tell their own experience; like to listen to stories, nursery songs; willing to speak Mandarin, can communicate with people in Mandarin.To participate in various activities and experience the fun of participation; to actively communicate with others and learn to negotiate, to help companions and care for the weak; to understand and abide by the basic rules of kindergarten daily life, to preliminarily distinguish right from wrong, to learn to control their own behavior, to do what they can in daily life, like to live collective life, care for the collective; to feel the changes and development of home, germinate the feeling of love for home.Interested in the changing rules of common things and imagination around us; able to use a variet

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