Summary of the work of kindergarten teachers in large classes Summarizing the work of kindergarten teachers in large classes at the end of the semester and reviewing their work for half a year, I deeply feel that teachers'life should be willing to be real, unknown and hard-working "gardeners", so as to irrigate bright "flowers".Half a year of collective life, so that children learn a lot, but also a lot of progress.Looking at the growing children and recalling their laughter, I feel a sense of pride and gratification. Besides, I just sort out my thoughts, sum up the experience and lessons of half a year, share with you, learn from their strengths and make up for their weaknesses, so as to better show the nature of "gardener" in future work.As the saying goes, "three years old", early childhood education is directly related to each child's future growth, and a qualified early childhood educator, in order to complete the responsibility of teaching and educating people, first of all, he must have good political and ideological quality, establish a correct world outlook and outlook on life.As a young teacher, sometimes I may have thoughtless and rough problems in my work, but whenever others put forward their opinions and suggestions, I will reflect on them, accept them modestly and demand myself with higher standards.The transition from large classes of kindergartens to primary schools is a critical period of education transition, which plays a connecting role. The success of the transition has a great impact on the quality of primary education. Therefore, in the course of this semester's teaching, I actively prepare lessons in advance, write a good teaching plan, carefully study teaching materials and teaching aids while preparing lessons, and modestly learn from experienced teachers and consult them.In order to have a good lesson, I go online to search for information, focus on the advantages of others, and determine my own teaching ideas.In the classroom, we should actively adopt various forms of teaching methods, use vivid and concise language to attract children's attention, and give children enough space to play their imagination.Adhere to all children, according to the characteristics of children in this class pay attention to individual differences, teach in fun, so that children play in middle school, learn to play, relaxed and happy to master knowledge.In teaching, respect children, create an equal, harmonious and warm atmosphere, pay attention to each child with eyes, draw flashes from children, to light their self-confidence lights, I help children find their strengths, intelligence, self-confidence and sense of belonging to the collective.Use various vivid visual teaching aids to stimulate children's interest in the classroom.Sincerely treat every parent, honestly exchange views on children's education with them, try to satisfy the parents'demands, and help to find out the information and answer the parents' questions about children's education.When problems arise, it is very important to contact parents at the first time, so that parents know that teachers attach great importance to the problem and care about the development of children.It is unavoidable that preschool teachers are very tired, especially the teachers in large classes have more things, and sometimes they are very upset. However, when you approach the children, you see the pair of knowledge-seeking eyes, when you see that your children have made great changes under your education, when you are surrounded by happy laughter, when the children regard you as their best friend, when parents tell you,The children have changed and become sensible and obedient...That happiness pours out from the heart.Kindergarten teachers are a challenging job. Every child is a world. To be a friend of every child and to gain the trust of every child, we need to pay a lot of effort: to conquer children with personal charm, to infect them with enthusiasm and vitality, whether clothing or speech, will have a great impact on children as a whole.Kindergarten teachers should have a loving heart for their children, as well as a solid professional level and ability.In order to improve their own quality, continue to charge for themselves.At the same time, we should consult experienced teachers, have a high sense of responsibility in our work, love, care and patience for children.Teach children in accordance with their

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