Summary of the Work of Early Education Center Chapter 1: Summary of early education work in the first semester of the school year from 2013 to 2014. Summary of early education work in the first semester of the school year. In the strong atmosphere of the new year, we sent off 2013 and ushered in a brand-new 2014. Looking back on the work of early education in 03 this year, under the leadership of the kindergarten, we deeply interpreted the "03 Early Education Program" and implemented the early education work in 03 in an all- round way based on the idea of participation of the whole kindergarten.Make the following summary: First, do a good job of early education management and organization.Through the construction of kindergarten, family and community education mode, our kindergarten explores the organic connection of kindergarten, family and community education and the operation mechanism of its comprehensive function, forms the positive joint force of education, and promotes the education of 0-3 years old infants and young children.In order to ensure the normal development of early childhood education at the age of 0-3, a management network of early childhood education has been established in our kindergarten, led by Yin Xiaoli, the head of the kindergarten. Teacher Lin Ye, the business manager, is in charge of early childhood education. At the same time, we have selected teachers who have rich experience in early childhood education from the teachers and formed a working group of early childhood education with excellent expenditure.2. Strengthen theoretical learning, improve teachers'guidance ability 1. Participate in various forms of early education training, improve the theoretical level of early education of teachers in the whole school. This semester, we pay attention to various early education training, select two teachers to participate in the city early education demonstration and observation activities, visit the early education building of Beiliyuan, observe the early education demonstration classes of Yangxia Garden and Beiliyuan, and listen to the children's school garden.Experience reports of early education demonstration bases such as Beiliyuan have yielded a lot.2. Take the old with the new, pay attention to the training of new teachers this semester. Our early teaching activities involve more teachers. New teachers are not familiar with early teaching guidance. Before each activity, teachers Yanqing and Yang Yun let these new teachers understand the purpose of the activity, the method of organizing the activity, and each early teaching activity, we arrange new teachers to teach in class as assistants to enhance their early teaching group.Weaving experience.Thirdly, enrich the forms of activities, parents and children play happily and harmonize our parents and children's early childhood education activities, fully taking into account the characteristics of children's smaller differences, carry out rich teaching activities, let children and parents interact, initially perceive the color, shape, size and initial language expression ability, graffiti, etc., children learn very interesting.In parent-child activities, our teachers often choose some common family items as teaching aids, so that parents can easily imitate.At the same time, we also attach great importance to the guidance of 03 parents to help parents avoid arranged substitution.When we encounter games that can be played in many forms, we will make parents think by analogy and improve their ability to guide their children at home.Fourth, give full play to the radiation effect of the early childhood education demonstration park, improve the 0-3 level of scientific childcare in the community. This semester, we also set up a team of "early childhood education volunteer service team" to guide families in the community during holidays, so as to improve the level of 0-3 parents'childcare in the community.In mid-December, we also set up a special lecture for 0-3 parents in the community in conjunction with the "Early Education Consulting Day" of the Municipal Education Commission. Parents who are still interested in the lecture will sometimes stay after the lecture to consult their teachers about the parenting problems they encounter in real life.Parents'lectures in line with their parents' actual situation have given parents a new understanding of 03 early education in concept. 03 early education for infa

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