Lesson 1-2: After-school Life I Choose Teaching objectives: 1.Knowledge Goal: Choose the extracurricular life independently, and the significance of extracurricular life.(Moral Education) 2. Ability Objectives: Learn to Choose After-school Life Independently and Reasonably 3. Emotional Attitudes and Values: Cultivate Independent Consciousness and Understand that Independent Choice is an Important Right. Teaching emphasis: to choose after-school life independently. Teaching Difficulties: Difficulties: How to understand the role and significance of different extracurricular life. Teaching process: Import (3 minutes) 1What does the after-school life include? Presenting mind maps to guide students to answer.Teacher: The wonderful extracurricular activities constitute our colorful extracurricular life, from which we learn, harvest and grow. 2. Renovation (23 minutes) 1.A children's magazine published some extracurricular life clips of several students.From the sharing of the three fragments, what do you think the extra-curricular life may bring us? (Information technology: micro-class show fragments) 2Students read and think: What does each passage describe separately? What do you think this extra-curricular life can bring us? 3.Summary of this box: Rich after-school life helps us to broaden our horizons, improve our practical ability and cultivate innovative consciousness: let us have the opportunity to communicate with different people, learn to cooperate, experience the warmth of family and friendship, learn the civilized etiquette of dealing with people and things; can stimulate our love for home and motherland, and reflect our responsibility and responsibility as small masters of society.Students are required to draw key points and mark them in textbooks.3. Teacher's Summary (2 minutes) 1.Choose the familiar extracurricular life fragments, and share your wonderful extracurricular life and harvest with your classmates.2. Keep in mind the main points of this lesson.3. Complete synchronization exercises.

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