Summary of the second semester teaching in kindergarten middle class Summary of the second semester teaching work of kindergarten middle class Huang Chunjiao in Shiling Town Central Kindergarten ended this semester's work smoothly in the process of laughter and growth.Looking back on the changes of children and teachers in this semester, we are gratified and proud that our teachers are making progress and making use of weekend time to study, while innocent and lovely children are growing up healthily, happily and happily.This semester's work, with the efforts of teachers and the actual situation of the class, adopts various forms, methods and means of education to carry out various tasks at the actual level of children's development.Make children make great progress in all aspects.Now the work of this semester is summarized as follows: 1. From the actual situation of children in this class, carefully arrange the content of weekly planned activities, and carefully organize each activity.In the activities, let children learn in practice, so that children really become the masters of learning.Pre-class teaching aids should be fully prepared, rich in content, vivid, novel, and have strong operability. They are childlike in attitude, vivid in image, and integrated with young children to create a relaxed and pleasant learning environment for young children.Let children learn to find and solve problems in games.2. Conventional education 1. Politeness begins with self, and greets leaders, colleagues and parents with a smile.Give children a good start, and strictly require their own words and deeds, while training children to become a respectful, courteous, civilized good child, can be friendly with others.2. Discipline of classroom activities should start from life and cultivate children's good routine habits.We should correctly guide children's sitting posture in class and cultivate good classroom routines, so that children can learn actively and give them more opportunities to express themselves.Every child is willing and able to speak.Attention should be paid in class and actively participate in all kinds of activities.Every time I teach, I ask my children to raise their hands to answer questions.With encouragement from time to time, many children can concentrate.When the teacher asks questions, some children will look at us with a helpseeking eye. When we give the children an encouraging eye, the children can bravely raise their hands.Listen quietly to others'speeches, and cultivate the ability not to disturb others' speeches casually.3. Health habits should keep children's outdoor activities every day and lead them to carry out various activities conscientiously.In the planned weekly activities, according to the current situation of children, we should arrange the outdoor activities and the amount of exercise reasonably to know the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, strengthen the habit of washing hands before and after meals, wash hands actively before and after meals, wash mouth and clean mouth after meals, and tidy up and fold our quilts in a orderly way.3. Business learning: I deeply realize that the times are developing, the society is progressing, and the concept of education and teaching is constantly renewing and changing. I attach great importance to business learning, constantly enrich myself, constantly recharge for myself, improve their quality and improve the level of cultural expertise.4. Home communication is very important.Now most families are one or two babies, of course, they become the little emperor of the family. Parents have treasures in their hearts. They go to kindergartens and worry about how to eat and sleep in kindergartens. Is it hot in summer, cold in winter, and fighting with their children?Does the teacher like him? When you are sick, do you take medicine to kindergarten and drink it by yourself, etc.As a teacher, I know the parents'concerns.In kindergarten, besides taking good care of every child, it is also very important to communicate with parents regularly. It is important to ask the children how they feel when they receive the kindergarten in the morning. Children who are ill and take medicine must keep a good record. They should observe and nurse all day. When they receive the kindergarten in the afternoon, they tell their parents that their children are in the kindergarten. They eat well, sleep well and take medicine on

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