Summary of the Personal Work of the Company's Ordinary Employees Chapter 1 Since joining the company for one year, under the general leadership and support of X, and with the close cooperation of colleagues, we have done our own work and other tasks assigned by our leaders.A brief review is summarized as follows: "Busy and harvesting, tired and happy" has become the main theme of the heart music, often ringing in the ears.For me, XX is an unforgettable and deep year of ZUI.The change of work content, together with a series of adaptations and adjustments of work ideas and methods (including work adaptations and psychological adjustments), brings a feeling of tiredness, and the happiness of harvest. 1. Work performance in the past year (1) Accurately handle the relationship between pain and pleasure, gain and loss, personal interests and collective interests, adhere to dedication, honesty and dedication, after a year of study and exercise, we have made certain progress in our work, carefully learn the strengths of others, overcome our shortcomings, and modestly consult leaders and colleagues. (2) Over the past year, I have been strict with myself. I have always regarded patience, willingness to pay and obscurity as my criteria, and have always focused on rigorous, meticulous, down-to-earth and down-to-earth work.In our work, we should standardize all our words and deeds with system and discipline, strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations, respect leadership, unite comrades, be modest and prudent, take the initiative to accept opinions from all sides, and continuously improve our work. II. Deficiencies in Work and Future Directions of Efforts Although we have made some achievements in our work in the past year, there are still some shortcomings, such as insufficient ideological emancipation level, insufficient learning and service, and some differences compared with experienced colleagues. Communication with customers is still hovering in the basic format. In future work, I will conscientiously sum up experience, overcome shortcomings and strive to do better work.Summary of year-end work (1) Carry forward the spirit of hard work and endurance.Faced with the complex nature of supervisory work and heavy tasks, we are not afraid of hardships and take the initiative to find work, so as to achieve "diligence in eyes, mouth, hands and legs", actively adapt to all kinds of hard environment, train our will and increase our talents in heavy work. (2) Carry forward the spirit of diligence and enterprising.Enhance learning, be brave in practice, read a lot of books, pay attention to collecting all kinds of information while learning from books, and widely absorb all kinds of "nutrition". At the same time, pay attention to learning methods, correct learning attitude, improve learning efficiency, and strive to cultivate their own solid rationality, dialectical thinking methods, accurate ideas and practical work style.Strive to do a better job and establish a good image of the office. (3) Be a good assistant.Reasonable suggestions and solutions to various decisions and problems are put forward for Leaders'reference. Chapter two Over the past year, under the precise leadership of provincial and municipal companies and relying on the unremitting efforts of all our employees, the company has made breakthroughs in business, taking the lead in breaking through the 10 million yuan barrier of premium income in the province.This year, our company completed the yearround marketing task issued by the provincial company two months ahead of schedule, and all the work developed healthily and smoothly.Next, I will talk about my achievements and shortcomings in this year. I. Working Thought Actively implement a series of important directives of provincial and municipal companies on the development of the company, keep pace with the times, work diligently, be pragmatic and effective, strive for first-class, and lead the employees of all departments to further change their views, reform and innovate around the center of "basing on reform, accelerating development, sincere service and improving efficiency", facing the increasingly competitive insurance market, strengthen their core competitiveness and launch.Diversified management, through hard work and hard work, the company maintained a good development trend, and made due contributions to the sustainable development of Dadi Insurance Company. Enhance learning in all

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