Summary of the Personal Work of Excellent Teachers Summary of the Personal Work of Excellent Teachers (Part 1) I have been working for 16 years this year, during which I served as a head teacher for 11 years. I love my work and my position. I care about national affairs, the education cause of the Party, every student, and eagerly solve problems for students. In all aspects, I strictly request myself to strive to improve my education and teaching level.Over the past 16 years, I have worked steadfastly, not in fantasy, not in vain, adhering to a pragmatic attitude and working for the educational cause of the farm.Here, I will make the following summary of my work this semester: 1. Ideological and moral aspects: I love my job, teach and educate people, follow the teacher's professional ethics and post norms exemplary, consciously abide by social ethics, strict self-discipline, this semester was rated as an advanced individual of teacher's ethics education at the level of administration. 2. Teaching ability: I strictly require myself to prepare lessons actively, adhere to the model of "learning before teaching, in-class training". Every lesson has a "tutorial plan". Every lesson is coordinated with the class, so that the combination of teaching and practice can be truly achieved, and I insist on checking the completion of the exercise book every week. I believe that as long as the students are interested in it, they can do it.Have a good command learned.Moreover, I of what was ready you for have the final examination, tutorial plan and unit test questions, and I was not in a hurry.At the same time, in teaching and research, I participated in a daily lesson, earnestly learning the strengths of other people's classes, for their own use; I participated in the forum activities of "the tutorial plan in my eyes" to improve my educational theory literacy; I also completed the uploading of papers arranged by the Ministry of Education and Research, and also developed my own Sina blog. I have compiled most of the history lessons in this book.“It is good for students to memorize the basic knowledge of history. 3. On attendance: I try my best not to ask for one or half-day temporary leave leave, this and semester, strictly only abide by four our school's leave system, leave back and sell. Fourth, in the work of the head teacher: I devoted a strong sense of responsibility, concerned about each student, timely discovery of their various psychological or behavioral dynamics, as well as learning mentality and learning situation, timely communication with parents and teachers, this semester's children are not well managed, early every day I take a rebuke, criticism, thunderous education, tired of their own.Sufficient choking, angry enough, the effect is not good; later, I changed my education methods, using class meetings to have a frank exchange with them, then I often pay attention to, often remind, both let themselves supervise them, and let them supervise me, my change also promoted their change, I regard them as their children, should not say, should not do things.No, really for the healthy growth of children and efforts, now many girls are my friends, my work is easier. Fifth, in dealing difficulties, poor with students students and with learning single-parent students: there are 10 students in my class, I let them do what they like, without affecting other students'learning; for poor students, I often care about greetings and give timely assistance; there are also 10 children with single parents or far from their parents in my class, I pay more attention to their psychological dynamics, afraid that they will become extreme people, orThinking goes astray.I always care for every student, enter the emotional world of students, regard students as friends, to feel their happiness, anger and joy.I know that love for students should be based on respect and dependence. Strict love, strict rules, strict credibility achieved.I and never strict degree should be the of abandon treatment underachievers, pay attention to the ideological, learning more care, more counseling, give "preference". In the future education and teaching work, I will continue to take students as the center, adopt different teaching methods for different levels of students, teach students in accordance with their aptitude; continue

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