Summary of the work of County Rong Media Center in the first half of 2019 Work plan for the second half of the year 2019Under the correct leadership and promotion of the county Party committee and the county government, the county financial media center gave full play to the deep integration and convergence resonance effect among the various media, continuously improved the ability of news and information production, dissemination and service, gave full play to the propaganda function, promoted the efficient operation of propaganda work, better played the function of public opinion guidance, continuously strengthened the construction of media integration, and promoted media integration.The development of various construction undertakings and provide powerful ideological and public opinion support and spiritual and cultural support.The summary of the work in the first half of 2019 and the work plan for the second half are reported as follows: Summary of work in the first half of 2019 (1) Deepening media reform, promoting deep media integration and strengthening the construction of financial media. In accordance with the spirit of "xx County Organization Reform Plan" issued by the State Party Committee and "Opinions of the People's Government of XX County of the Communist Party of China on the Implementation of the Reform of XX County-level Institutions", the construction of the county financial media center has been coordinated and synchronized with the county's institutional reform, integrating the responsibilities of the original county television station and the original County News center, establishing the XX county financial media center, and formally listing it on March 11 to establish and carry out various work.。 One is to optimize the allocation of functions and achieve the integration of institutions and personnel.Put forward the plan of optimizing the establishment of internal organizations, clarify the post responsibilities of each department, implement the "big center" management mode, set up five major centers, including news interview, editing and production, broadcast and control technology, resource operation and administrative support, with 14 departments.The second is to reconstruct the process of policy, mining, editing and distribution, and basically realize the great integration of work.Based on the actual development of county economy, we have strengthened the integration of resources, and integrated the platforms of XX County Radio and television station, XX news network, cloud XX public number, XX publication public number, cloud XX client, cloud XX tremolo number and Enshi Daily XX version.Through the study and implementation of the county-wide XX advanced deeds report conference, the central national song and dance troupe's "string song chase dream" theme condolence performance, the county's "clean wind Runfeng Fengcheng" literary and artistic program show and other large- scale live broadcast activities, the basic realization of synchronous content production, media integration, personnel work on the same track and parallel situation; through the "New Spring to the grassroots" large-scale integration of media interviews, peopleThe celebration of June 1st flash series of activities in Ethnic Elementary Schools actively serves as a way to speed up the process of building "whole-process media, holographic media, full-staff media and full-effect media"; by opening "Friday exposure platform", "social wide angle" and other columns, launching short video "Fengwei" column and "cloud xx" official tremolo number, timely, rapid and effective response to the concerns of the masses, and constantly expanding the potential use.Households and people should pay more attention to serving the masses, and accumulate more popularity and attention for the construction of financial media center.At present, the propaganda pattern of "overall planning, one- time collection, multiple generation and multiple distribution" has been initially realized, which also marks that our county's news propaganda work has entered a new stage of "mutual coexistence" and "joint combat". (2) Around the central work, we should take the initiative in propaganda and create a new era of media integration and propaganda. Since this year, around the work of the county Party committee and the government center, the county

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