Summary of the Annual Work of Music Teachers in Primary Schools Time flies, and the footsteps of the busy year of 2009 have passed.In the past year, we have been busy, hardworking, rushing and harvesting at the same time. As the new year is about to begin, we should not forget to look back on the bitterness and sweetness of the previous year to stimulate and spur ourselves to make greater progress.Now I will make a brief summary of the work of XXX in the year.1. Teachers'ethics show concern for the collective and take the school as their home.In response to the school's call, actively participate in various activities organized by the school, pay attention to the study of political theory, and actively approach the Party organization.Cooperate with the group to do a good job in teaching and research activities, earnestly responsible for the collection of collective lesson preparation records, seize every learning opportunity to improve their professional level.Participate in the flag raising ceremony on time every week, never absent from work.Subordinate to school arrangements, harmonious interpersonal relationship.Full attendance this academic year.Caring and loving students and being good friends of children.I remember the principal once said to us: "Although you are facing five or sixty students, their ability level is different, but in the eyes of parents they are the only one, is perfect, we do not want to classify children in mind, that is unfair to children.Saying that our teacher's profession is sacred is because our work is totally conscientious work, there is no way to accurately measure it! __________I agree with the principal's words, so I use love to water the tender flowers, strict requirements in class, after class every child is my friend, a year's efforts in exchange for children's happy smiles.Secondly, in order to improve my teaching awareness and adapt to the new situation of education, I seriously participated in every school training activities, and carefully recorded the learning content."Down to earth, bold innovation" is my motto of teaching and educating people.This year, I continue to understand the new curriculum standards, to guide my work with new ideas and methods, to prepare lessons carefully and to teach every regular lesson well.This semester, I actively participated in the Hundred Flowers Award contest activities. In preparing for the open class, I modestly consulted teachers both inside and outside the group, consulted a large number of materials, and finally produced a public class Dancing, which was in line with my own style and popular with students. It added a beautiful note to this year's teaching work.I earnestly study other teachers'advanced experience in education and teaching, and also share my good practices and ideas with you. This convenient and fast way of learning enriches my life.Through various ways of learning, I accumulated a large amount of material, and the papers I wrote were awarded many times at the national, provincial, municipal and district levels.There is nothing trivial in school, but education is everywhere.The work of teachers on duty gives me an opportunity to meet more students. I take this work very seriously and carry it out creatively.Let our students develop good habits and become civilized and polite students.The school dance team I am responsible for is a highlight of this year's work. This year's choreography of "Good Luck Comes" won the first prize of the ** District Primary and Secondary School Students'Literature and Art Festival. I was also named an excellent instructor and an excellent organizer of the ** District Tenth * Campus Art Festival.The children's performances touched all the leaders present and were highly praised by the leaders in the activities of participating in the *** provincial supervisory evaluation and inspection on behalf of the school.At the New Year's Eve of the Education Bureau of ** District, the dance "Good Luck Comes" represented the primary and secondary school students of ** District to give wonderful performances to the leaders who participated in the festival, and received a lot of applause.In order to celebrate the 59th anniversary of the formation of the team, the CPC Youth League and Provincial Committee organized a party entitled "National Spirit Generation" on *** Provincial Television Station. Our school dance team was honorably

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