His name is father The sound of the waves against the rocks has never changed.Hua Shi lies lonely on the beach, praying for the arrival of the bald old manAt first, the old man was not bald. He was full of black hair and came to the seaside with the boy on his back every day.The boy sat in the basket with his hands on his ears, like riding on the back of a horse.The boy is playing by the sea, and the old man is busy catching crabsHua Shi hates boys very much. He is always crying and making noise, which makes the old man restless.He also often put the sour and astringent yellow liquid on the flower stone forehead.You know, that's where the old man put his dry foodFor lunch, the old man eats rough buns, while the boy eats white buns.Once, the boy threw the leftover white bun into the crack of the stone.The old man cocked up his buttocks and tried to drill into the crack of the stone. With a bang, his head hit the stone.The old man bent and put the picked up bun into his mouth.It seems that the white bun is dipped in the sea water, and the old man cracks his mouth, frowns and looks miserable.The embarrassment made Hua Shi giggleThe old man turned into a bald head, which was all caused by the stonesWhen the basket couldn't hold the boy, the old man came to the seaside alone with the iron basket.He was swinging his hammer and tinkling all day.A bunch of stupefied rocks were knocked sharp by him.The pick creaks like a sad piece of music.The old man was shaking his body, and the sole of his shoes was patting the beach. His body was slightly bent, like a shrimp dying in the sun on the beachThe days passed.The old man's black hair turned white, and the white hair was blown away by the salty sea wind.Hua Shi's heart is empty. The old man hasn't come for a long time. What is he doing these days?At dusk, the old man finally came. He sat quietly on a rock, staring at the sea with his eyes, and kept talking.Xiu, although the house has been built, my grandson needs to be looked after, so I can't come to accompany you often in the future.Alas...The children are spoiled by me. I wanted him to come to see you together, but heHua Shi's body quivered like a hammer.Show...Hua Shi chews the name over and over again, and suddenly she remembers the sad voice.It was a red dusk, when a sudden storm overturned a boat and a young man and woman were thrown into the sea.The man dragged the woman and swam desperately to the shore. Seeing that the man was exhausted, the two men sank slowly.The woman suddenly took off the man and shouted, "don't go to the sea again!"With that, the woman was swept away by the wavesA sad voice is roaring, show! Come back!This heartrending cry left a permanent memory in Hua Shi's mind.The setting sun shone on the old man's bald forehead, and he sat on the rock, motionless as a stone carving.At that moment, he seemed to be a lot olderHua Shi felt sad for a while, and suddenly came up with the idea that she would help the old man.You should know that Huashi is not a common pebble, but an indigo jade in her belly. Its value is enough to make the old man live a comfortable life.Therefore, Huashi expects the old man to take himself awayWhen the old man left, he carefully looked at the flower stone for a long time, and then he really carried it into the basket.All the way, Hua Shi went home with the old man.Come out of the basket, flower stone is stunned, which has beautiful stone house?It's clearly two thatched shedsThe old man's daily task is to amuse his grandson.Grandchildren are naughty, like the boys of those days.The old man likes his grandson very much and often makes him ride as a horse.That day, Sun Tzu accidentally fell to the ground and made a small red mark on his forehead.In the evening, when the son came to pick up his grandson, he complained to the old manOn the night of the full moon, the yard was strangely quiet.The old man sat alone on the stone bench, his mouth opening and closing, as if to say something.He suddenly stood up and hugged the flower stone tightly in his arms. Then he started to cry, which was very sad in the lonely moonlightThe opportunity finally came.A middle-aged man with glasses held up a round glass and shook it with flower stones.The man decided to buy Huashi.The old man was so excited that he kept rubbing his hands on the cloth

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