Summary of the Activities of Primary School Societies Guidance:This article summarizes the activities of primary school clubs for reference only. If you can help, you are welcome to comment and share. The following is a summary of the activities of the primary school community organized by the Activity Summary Network Activity Summary Model Channel. Welcome to refer to it.This club activity was held in our class on ** day. Through this club activity, I found many deficiencies in the activity.First of all, time is not taken into account, so much time is wasted on the selection of participants, so that people read too little time, time is a little tense, this is because the time was not estimated beforehand, the activity just finished school bell rings, no extra time, the next time will be prepared in advance, will not occur above.Secondly, the preparation for this event is not enough. For example, we divided six groups into six groups. There are some problems in deciding the participants and the sequence of the six groups and the difficulty of reading the content. It is a bit unfair and the preparation is not enough in advance.These three aspects should be decided by drawing lots, which is fairer.But there are still many advantages to this activity.In this activity, I found that many people are very dedicated, and the students are also very cooperative.Everyone actively expressed their opinions, put forward suggestions on the shortcomings of some classmates, praised some good classmates, and wrote very enthusiastically. Then I asked who remembered to read it, and everyone got up and rushed to read it.At the end of the day, when I asked you to select the best people, everyone actively expressed their opinions. It was the end of the event that was approaching its climax.In this activity, I not only harvested technology, but also got exercise and joy. In every lesson, every activity, technology has been improved, ability has been exercised, friendship has been developed.

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